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We always make a Halloween Tree- branches in a vase/jar, with homemade felt Halloween ornaments.
We read the story of Knight Michael in The Seven Year Old Wonder Book- raked leaves outside that were "Blown by the wind of Knight Michael's sword," picked Michaelmas daisies, painted a dragon, dressed up like a dragon, and we meant to make dragon bread but didn't get a chance to. We also talked about overcoming our own dragons, and what that means.
Fall: The Harvest Story by Elizabeth Reppel Woody, Hazel, and Little Pip- Elsa Beskow Winter: The Story of the Snow Children by Sibyll von Olfers Any Room For Me? by Loek Koopmans Ollie's Ski Trip- Elsa Beskow The Tomten, and The Tomten and the Fox- Astrid Lindgren Spring: The Story of the Root Children by Sibyll von Olfers And these books go through all the seasons: Children of the Forest- Elsa Beskow The Story of the Sun Egg- Elsa Beskow In the Land of Fairies-...
I was thinking 1 in 100 could be possible- but with many of those going unreported or undiagnosed, and being called something else.
I just wanted to say that my DD (first baby) was breech too. . .DS (second baby) was breech for quite a while which worried me a great deal, but he flipped in the end. PS my daughter is also named Ella!
We have a small playroom- it is the "house" play area- the kitchen, playstands, and doll area are there. In the living room is the doll's house and stable, with little baskets of doll house things and farm yard things.Also in the living room is the wooden garage with a basket of vehicles, and a basket of blocks and tree blocks.
I pushed, but not very hard- my baby was coming down fast on his own.
What a wonderful story! Congratulations! :
I've been having trouble with mood swings while PMSing- I am finding I have no patience, and get angry so quickly- even shout at the kids when normally I don't. I hate being this way, and I hate how I parent when I feel this way. Can anyone recommend anything?
YAHOO! Wonderful news! Congratulations! :
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