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FTP- "forget the patient." or, "feeling too pushy." or, in a completely different light: "forget the pushing!" Great thread.
Oh mama, I am so happy to hear your baby is here in your arms safely! I am so sorry things didn't go as planned. Thank you for posting and updating us, and of course this post belongs here! There are many of us here who have had not had the VBAC we dreamed of, and we know how it feels. I love your daughter's name!
I would wait and talk to the doctor before you get yourself worried- when I was planning my VBA2C- the physician's assistant told me that the doctor would encourage me to RC- and then when I met with the doctor, she was 100% on board with my VBA2C and actually told me it would be far better for me to VBAC than RC.
I hear ya- DS (19 months) has very wide high feet- so I have had a hard time with shoes. Have you tried soft star shoes? They work fabulously for him. He has these right now: http://www.softstarshoes.com/index.c...Product_ID=826 Also, zappos.com has free shipping, and free return shipping.
I am anxious for news! I hope all is well!
Well this is refreshing! It's a wonder to me though, that more nurses aren't like this- they must encounter tons of adverse reactions.
Quote: Originally Posted by Deborah Things change, even in waldorf circles. I do have a funny story about a doll face. When my gd was three, she was sitting with me waiting for the bus to Montreal. One of her parents was going to pick her up before the bus came and took me away. There was another lady waiting for the bus and we started chatting. She commented on my gd's waldorf doll, who at that point didn't yet have a face embroidered. The lady...
Quote: Originally Posted by sweetums333 We are training them to be gentlemanly but also 'men.' Sounds good to me!
I think Vermont is pretty good overall- most hospitals here allow VBAC-I only know of one that doesn't- and several even allow VBA2C. I believe that homebirth midwives are allowed to attend HBA1C- but not after multiple c/s, unfortunately.
I find that hard to believe. Likely there have been reactions, but they were dismissed as "normal." My dd had a severe reaction to the DTaP, and we were told it was perfectly fine and normal. Also, from what I have seen, doctors will often label something like meningitis as a vpd- and push the so-called meningitis vaccines on parents that way.
New Posts  All Forums: