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Oh, this must be so hard! The first thing I thought of was thyroid?
I agree with what others have said: you sound like a perfect candidate to me. I had a 32 hour long labor with my succcessful VBA2C.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stackpole92 We use small canning jars by Kerr. Very inexpensive. Yes- us too- we use jelly jars- we even take them with us places, and just put a lid on top (like a mayonaise jar lid). We also have enamel mugs, siggs, and ds who is 18 mos uses a kleen kanteen sippy.
You can do this! :
Just wanted to say: Welcome! More later~ :
I'm not computer savvy either! The combination you chose sounds great- I'm a huge fan of corduroy and wooden buttons!
In the past done simple stuff like made dragon bread, and read "Saint George and the Dragon"- but I'll be following this thread because I'd like some more/better ideas for this.
Wow, those corduroy backpacks are adorable! I am planning on making my 3 wee ones backpacks for Christmas- I am planning on making the one from The Children's Year as well. Zan's mama- can you post pics? What did you use for it?
Our playroom is small as well. We've got one playstand on one side near the doll area, with baskets on it full of dolly things. The other playstand is on the other side of the room, by the kitchen area with baskets and kitchen type things on it. So they are essentially used as shelves/surface areas until my kids want to move them around to make different set-ups. The other day dd moved one into the living room to use as a wall for a house set-up. We haven't got arches...
A Child's Seasonal Treasury- full of verses, songs, and projects. The Children's Year if you're crafty- this is full of toys and projects to make for and with your kids- sewing, knitting, and other mediums Families Festivals and Food full of recipes and crafts to help celebrate the seasons and festivals Toymaking with Children- instructions on making traditional "waldorf" toys You Are Your Child's First Teacher A great handbook about waldorf/holistic parenting Kids...
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