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DS is 13 months and already in the motherease toddlerease diapers for big babies. I am wondering what on earth he'll wear a year from now?! Can anyone give suggestions on diapers for big babies? Thanks!
My 13 month old has 7 teeth, and seems to be getting a new tooth because he is doing the "bite latch" where he bites before he starts to suck. He does this nearly every time. Ouch! Is there any gentle way I can discourage him from doing this? My mother told me to shout "No" at him which I will not do whatsoever! How traumatizing! Imagine?! Anyway we plan to nurse for a loooong while yet and would like to discourage this habit so that he does not do this for the next two...
Embee, thank you for your wonderful advice and support! It means a lot. We have been spending a lot of one on one time with dd, and she and I have been going out for "girls nights" and leaving the baby with dh. I am hoping to get to the bottom of this, and we will. I feel so badly that my sweet girl is going through something that is making her do this.
HI all, I was recently diagnosed with having kidney stones and am wondering if there is anything I can do naturally to get rid of them, or prevent them from forming again. I have been drinking tons of water. Thanks!
Hi~ My 3 year old daughter has started hitting, pushing, and occasionally kicking at other children. She does not do this all the time, but occasionally if a squabble over a toy arises she will slap, etc. I lost a friend over this, my daughter slapped her daughter and now my friend does not want our girls together. She claims that this is unusual behavior, and she has never seen another child do this before. I know that is not true; though this is not good behavior it...
Hi, I'm new here~ I had two unwanted cesareans, I feel badly for your friend. I tried to make the experiences as much of a happy birthing experience as I could. DH was there with me, I held the babies immedietly after their birth, DH was offered to cut the cord, I nursed them very soon after as well. I hope you friend can make this a happy experience. What I remember quite happily is nursing DS and holding him skin to skin in the recovery room as soon as I was able to...
Hi! I am new here as well, and really excited to be here! I have been subscribing to "Mothering" for a little while now and love it. We are attachment parents, and also into natural parenting. We have two wonderful children, a 3 year old daughter and 8 month old son. I have had two unwanted cesareans and am determined to have a natural VBA2C with my next baby. I am a SAHM, and plan on homeschooling as well. I look forward to getting to know you all. Mel
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