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id been meeting EVERYONE.  the more my kid doesnt want me there .. the faster id be there.  its not right to be a friend first and parent last.    i feel bad for my kids,. im a nurse and hubby is a cop. lol suckers! if my kids at some point dont hate me.. ive done a horrible job at being a parent! :)
has anything been done yet?  
we are baby led weaning, but our version lol im not a fan of giving a infant a hunk of something like cooked broccoli. working in a hospital you wouldnt believe how many parents make this mistake and their infants aspirate yikes!   shes been trying the past 2 days to keep things in her mouth. she really liked the mashed peaches. so i guess its a small step in the right direction :)
i hate to agree with your neighbour.. but after living in an apt for 21 years hearing kids being too loud during dinner hour sucks LOL. same as hearing them run and scream down the hallways or having to hear them all day and half the evening above your head really does get to you cuz you cant relax at all. same really goes for those people who allow their dogs to chronically bark all day and all night either in their unit or outside in the back yard.    how about...
i don't think either parents really handled the situation right from what i read in the original story. please correct me if i am mistaken.. it is pretty late lol   the 4 year old girl should have immediately been told to apologize to the crying toddler and re phrase what she originally said. from  "this is mine, don't touch!".  to something like, " I'm not finished with this yet, sorry" I'm sure if the other mother saw the 4 year old being asked to repeat what she...
with our 2 year old son and our 6 month old daughter our routine since birth was bath at 730-8pm, bottle/sippy cup and bed... we see them about 8am the next day.  this is the norm for us. mind you the obvious things like teething, growth spurts, illness or long trips away from home.. change things up, but it usually only takes a night or two at most to get back into our groove. 
we gave up on bibs here.. got to the point the kids front of their shirts were clean, but their pants, sleeves and everything else was dirtehhh. yay laundry hahaha
my son LOVES to sleep. so does my daughter lol both my kids slept all night from about 8 weeks and 12 weeks.  both each would have two, 2-3 hour naps a day and sleep 8-10 hour nights.    my son is now 2 and its been recently he hasnt been napping at all. He will have red eyes, get all cuddly and looking half asleep so we will get him all cozy in his bed and close the door for a nap... 20 mins later we hear him up and playing in his room and when we open his door...
we put up the door recently to the kitchen ever since we bought a new flat top stove (never had anything blocking kids out of the kitchen before).. my 2 year old noticed the bright red lights one day and he tried to touch it. so i kicked him out lol we never baby proofed our house. our therory is if its not safe, its my job to teach that to you. Also my friends all have much older children, so i need to have my 2 year old and my 6 month old know now that whats not safe...
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