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I fell in the mud when my oldest was about a year old, according to one of the older guys watching I ducked and rolled, I felt awful but she didn't even have a speck of dirt on her. middle child fell off the bed a few times. dh is MUCH more of a worrier than the dad of the older girls
Thanks everyone. She's doing fine today, a little sleepy after being awake so long in the middle of the night, but She's still my happy girl.
I co-sleep with my 5 month old DD. I always use a zaky hand behind her (looks like a forearm and keeps her from rolling over, well we switched sides tonight and I was apparently too asleep and I didn't move the arm, and she fell off the bed! After being calmed down she was smiling, and cooing now she's wide awake looking around the room. I feel horrible that it happened, she nurses so much at night I'm not sure I'd get any sleep if she was in her own bed! DH is insistent...
New Posts  All Forums: