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Baptism also means different things to different people - for example, as Roman Catholics, we baptized our daughter at 10 months old!  I don't think she has much of an idea of what salvation and baptism mean (she spent most of the baptism chewing on her plastic toy hammer).   The ceremony was more for us, the PARENTS, and the godparents, to think about what it means to raise a family in a Catholic home, according to Catholic values.  And to bless the baby with God's...
An "Oils of the Bible" talk sounds fascinating!  But I will not be able to make it this Wednesday :snif:  If I gave you an email address, could you send me a copy of your lecture notes afterwards?   Back in late September, my mom and I tried to go out to Wightman's Farms, which is in Morris County and which we love - but it was so crowded we couldn't get a parking spot, not even with her disabled placard!!  And remember, this was in SEPTEMBER still... I can't imagine how...
I would be interested in discussing Mary from a Roman Catholic perspective! (We don't "worship" her as some people might think, though there is a movement in the Catholic Church to give her a "promotion" to the title of "Co-Mediatrix"...)   I'd like to hear about how other Christians view Mary, also.
Sorry about the double post!
I will try to pray for you also, momgenet!   And I'm always happy to meet another modest dresser and head-coverer (though I'm sure you do a better job of it than I do...)   Nazsmum, where did you go on the Jersey Shore?  My mom grew up in Point Pleasant.
Could you, the seller, and the mechanic all meet at a neutral location, like the mechanic's garage? Then the seller would be leaving the car with the mechanic (who presumably has a business license, insurance, etc.), and not with the prospective buyer they "just met".   The seller would need some other method of transportation home, and back to the garage again, but if they're selling this car, I'm assuming they have something else lined up already! Worst case...
We are literally across the county line from Springfield.  :)   You might want to check out the Cora Hartshorn Arboretum, the Reeves-Reed Arboretum, or the South Mountain Reservation - all are very near us.  (There were a LOT of them in the South Mountain Reservation two cycles, or 34 years, ago.)
please let me know if there are any large amounts in your area   I saw a bunch of cicadas in my front yard this morning - not sure if that counts as a "large amount". We live in NJ, at the border of Essex, Morris and Union counties.
What are your favorite resources for ancestor work?     In the Afro-Caribbean traditions, we usually make a "boveda" or ancestor table - traditionally this includes photos of the ancestors, a candle, flowers, a glass of water, and a holy symbol of the religion the ancestors practiced in life, even if it isn't your own religion. Everything is very clean, and white is the dominant color (maybe with some light purple accents...) Then you can add other offerings such...
it'd be fun to take the kids and visit Mexico with them.   What parts of Mexico would you like to see most? What attracts you to them?
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