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   Hi Sabriyah! I am in NJ too. I love handmade bath & body products, herbal remedies, and things like that!We are in Essex County. How about you?
  Thanks, that's helpful feedback!  Do you know if there's a way for me to edit the poll to include that option? 
  Can you explain the concern with the recent smallpox vax in more detail?  Or will Google tell me most of what I need to know? 
  When you say the daycare workers are "required" to be, can they submit exemption forms?  What would happen if a worker refused to be vaxed - would she be terminated, or reassigned to a job where she had no contact with children, or what? 
That's pretty much how I feel too, TBH!  (ETA: I feel the same as prosciencemum.)   The only one whose vax status I know is my mom, my daughter's grandmother, because she lives with us and I take her to her dr's appointments. We haven't used daycare yet, but I don't know whether my daughter's occasional babysitters, playgroup leaders, other relatives, etc. are vaxed, and I don't care.    I just thought it was an interesting question.  We've discussed the issue...
My first MDC poll, so please let me know if you think any answers are missing, could be worded better, etc.  Thanks! 
  Interesting points. We live above my mom, and I take her to her dr's appointments, so I know her vaccine status pretty well. She is my daughter's only living grandparent.Personally, we don't use daycare (my spouse is a WAHP). We do use a babysitter once every six weeks or so, and I have no idea whether she's up to date on her vaxes or not. I also don't know the vaccine status of aunts, cousins, etc. That being said, I do know of parents who will not let...
Well, my spouse and I are both initiated in Haitian Vodou, so some might see us as Catholic and pagan at the same time. :) (Like most Vodouisants, we've had our daughter baptized in the Catholic Church; and she is also attending a Catholic music class program...)   I agree with Hebaume that many of the holy days / celebrations have a lot of overlap.   WRT following the teachings of the Church, that has been an ongoing struggle for me - one that I think a lot of American...
  Thanks for your help! I was wondering if there is also a poll for non-parent caregivers such as grandparents, home daycare providers, nannies, etc.Some people might want anyone who cares for their child(ren) to be vaxed (and some might specifically look for a daycare provider who does NOT believe in vaxing...)
I have not lived in UC in 20 years, and never as a parent, so I didn't add anything to this thread... but I want to echo what Jaimee said about the weather, ESPECIALLY in winter. 15-20 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit) is not uncommon, and the prairie winds are FIERCE. I remember walking from my dorm to my class about two blocks away, wearing two layers of gloves, and by the time I got to my classroom building, my hands were too numb to turn the door handle. If you're from...
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