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Hi, Just popping in to give an update - I had my girls! Skye Emmanuelle and Celeste Linnea were born on 9/12 at 5lbs 10.5 oz and 5lbs 15 oz. I ended up going to 37.4 weeks.    The delivery was actually pretty good.  I delivered in the OR, but I had them both vaginally.  At first I was worried about having so much medical staff in the room with me. It was something me, my doctor and my husband went around about quite a few times. In the end, there was another set of...
Just to give you a little hope, my Baby A just turned vertex at 34 weeks.  She had been breech every ultrasound until now.  We had actually scheduled the c-section and then wham! - she's head down.    Have you tried going to a chiropractor?  Mine does the Webster technique and it can work with twins.
Just another vote for David's! They have some $99 dresses in the store and also a bunch on the website. I got my wedding dress from the website for $99 and I felt so beautiful in it.  One thing I'd recommend is going to a store if you can and trying on some dresses to get an idea of the sizing, especially if you're ordering online.  I found that my bust caused me to have to size up more than I originally thought.  It was worth the trip for me because I knew to size up...
I have to try that ifnotnowhen!  I'm a vegetarian, and getting enough protein has been such a struggle.  I found a powder I liked at whole foods, but that only has half the protein of yours. I've gone back and forth if I should start eating meat again, which I haven't done in 20 years. I also recently developed GD so I need more protein in my diet.  How's the taste? 
Name?  Franny You and maybe your partners age at the birth? 34 & 44 he robbed the cradle Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? di/di What number of kids will is be for you? 1 &2 Genders?  Two girls! EDD and or planned birth timing? 9/30 State you live in? NY but moving to NJ in a few weeks  
DH and I had this conversation with my family this past weekend.  I was kind of hesitant to bring it up b/c I wasn't sure how everyone would react.  But so far, everyone's been pretty cool about it. My mom was due for a tetanus booster anyway so she's just going to get them together. DH is medical resident and he was adamant that we get everyone vaccinated from the beginning. He showed me the CDC data and other studies.  By the time our OB brought it up, we had both...
SeattleMommy, they're gorgeous! Congratulations! What are their names?  
The hospital where we'll deliver does it for 3 minutes.
    I'm thinking of doing something with my twin girls, possibly Faith and Felicity.  I'm normally not for matching twin names, but for whatever reason this combination sticks with me. Plus, their initials would match mine.  I'm just worried it's too cutesy.
Caitlyn, we're only a day apart!  I'm due on Sept 30 with di/di twin girls.  I'd love to do a kind of DDC.     I'm hoping for natural.  I've talked to my OB about it and she's on board as long as Baby A is vertex.  This is my first pregnancy and I want it to be as natural as possible, even if I do have to deliver in the OR (standard for twins in my hospital).
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