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I'm 33 weeks and have gained about 36 pounds so far. My last 2 I gained about 50, so I won't be terribly shocked if I gain that much this time around. I don't necessarily look huge, but I sure feel it. I don't feel starving all the time yet... in fact I'm getting sick and tired of having to eat all the time to make sure I'm getting enough protein.
Does anyone have any experience with using a birth preparation formula? My midwife suggested a few at our last appointment, but I've never taken that type of supplement before. She suggested Polly-Jean's 5 week formula, Birth Prep 6 week formula, or another 5 week one made by a midwife named Kathy Ward (which I can't find any info on). I'd live to hear anyone's experience taking these to prepare for birth.
[quote As a Christian, I am uncomfortable with hypnosis for that very reason. I've never looked into it, but that is really creepy. [/quote] I think Hypnosis gets a really bad rap by the general public. I'm a Christian and have no problem using hypnosis for my birth. Hypnosis is a relaxed state of the mind that everyone is in at some point everyday. Ever zone out while watching tv or a movie, drive somewhere and not remember how you got there, or fall asleep? No one can...
Congrats! I'm at 32w 3d...crazy to think my baby could look like that right now! Do you know when you will be able to bring him home yet? Glad that you and baby are both doing well
Sleep? Who needs sleep? Lol, I've slept so poorly the past several nights due to a nasty head cold which kept me up until I passed out from exhaustion then woke up at least every hour to roll over. To top it off my outer thighs ache after I've been on one particular side for too long (kinda like I just did an intense thigh workout) and I also just got my first leg cramp in my calf this morning. Blech!!! I hate, hate, hate leg cramps and will do anything to make them go...
I *think* I'm going to make a boppy cover and possibly knit a beanie, but that's about it. With my last son I made cloth wipes with recycled fabrics from around the house, but this time I think I'm going to stick with dollar store washcloths. Not enough down time in my life to dedicate to making anything special.
The Thinking Woman's Guide to Pregnancy by Henci Goer is one of my all time favorites. The book Pushed by Jennifer Block is a thought provoking book about the history of the US birth culture. And if you are looking for a movie... although it's probably not considered inspiring, I enjoyed the documentary Babies. Interesting to see how babies from different cultures are raised :)
I'm going for my first ever chiro visit today. My ligaments are killing me and preventing me from keeping up with my exercise. My insurance doesn't cover it, so I think I'll only be able to afford to go maybe 2 a month. I think I'll look into accupuncture once I get a little bit closer since my insurance does cover that... strange huh? I really want my body to be in optimal shape for my birth!
I've decided to start taking an extra calcium supplement, but am having a hard time finding good info. I just started taking Floradix calcium/ magnesium, but I noticed on the bottle last night that actual amount of calcium is very small and there are only 8 servings per bottle. And at $23 a bottle, I can't afford a $100/ month calcium supplement ;) Any thoughts?
I'm not feeling gigantic yet, but I know it's just around the corner. I am having a harder time getting in and out of bed though. Kind of pain in the butt... literally sometimes! My left ligament and nerve are really bugging me, so I think I will make an appointment with the chiropractor. Never had to go to one with either of my other 2 pregnancies, but this discomfort has started way earlier than before.
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