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I can't wait to start building up my stash again! I gave away most of my diapers when I thought we were done having kids, so I have a few newborn fitteds that my friend returned. I used FuzziBunz and Happy Heinys in the past, but not sure if I want to go that route again. I have a friend using Bum Genius AIO's and she absolutely loves them, so I guess that is something else to consider. 
This is baby #3 for us, but we are planning for our first HB. My first, I had no clue what was going on, so I did the whole hospital thing. Second time around I wanted an all natural birth, but was too chicken to do a home birth. I labored at home until I was pushing, figured then that I wanted to stay home, but we went to the hospital anyways. I vowed that if I got pg again, I would do a HB.   We interviewed midwives a couple of weeks ago and we have nailed down the...
I'm getting ready for a 15 hour road trip on Friday and we plan on stopping every 2-4 hours as need be. We'll have our kids with us so everyone will be taking potty breaks ;)
I've been getting nasty headaches too. I just want to lay my head down on my soft pillow and go to sleep. Glad to hear this is normal since I've never experienced this before with pregnancy.    Since this is a chit chat thread, on an unrelated note to the headaches... I just found out my SIL is pregnant and due in November too. I feel really upset and feel like they are stealing my thunder. I haven't it announced it to very many people yet (aka no Facebook...
It's been fun to read what everyone is craving or can't stand to be around. This is my first pregnancy to experience this...maybe it has to do with the general bleh feeling I've been having too. So strange! Beef and salty snacks sound so good to me right now. I had a steak for dinner last night and made myself a cheeseburger for lunch today. I can't wait till we head down to CA next week so I can get my fill of In n Out double doubles...I've been dreaming about those! So...
Baby, bean, or the fish. Lol, I was looking at a pic of what baby looked like at 6 weeks and it totally reminded me of a little alien fish. We may move onto Sea monkey since that conjures up equally weird looking images
We have 3 interviews lined up this coming week as well. Mary, can you post your list of questions? This is our first time going with a midwife and I haven't started working on interview questions yet. I'm so excited about the process and love that they will come to my house rather than me having to drive all over the place
I have been thinking I want it to be a surprise too, but seeing as my youngest is 6 and we have absolutely no baby gear/ clothes/ cloth diapers/ etc.... we may find out just so we better know how to prepare. 
Greenmama- I believe that Rescue Remedy is safe to take during pregnancy. The midwives I used to work with often gave it to their clients when they were feeling anxious. I've also used it myself (not during pregnancy) and it gives you pretty instant relief. It comes in little pastilles, drops, or a spray. I highly recommend it to anyone who is stressed out or feeling anxious. 
I was bloated the first couple of weeks, but now can fit comfortably in my regular jeans again.  I know it's just a matter of time before they don't fit...*again*, but I'm really hoping to make it until the weather gets a bit warmer so I can just just transition into flowy skirts, dresses, and leggings :)
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