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I think I'm slightly leaning towards girl since we have 2 boys, but another boy would be fun too! I know my in laws and my younger sister both really, really want us to have a girl. But right now it's too early for me to have any real strong feelings about gender.... I just want to get through this first trimester!!
I am taking New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal as well as blending 1/2 an orange with a serving of Floradix iron. Just curious what everyone else taking :)
I'm forcing myself to eat too. Not that I'm repulsed by anything, I'm just not hungry and nothing sounds good. The only thing I can consistently eat without any force is Saltine crackers and unfortunately there isn't much nutritional value in that :/   I've also noticed that my nose and taste buds are becoming more sensitive, but unfortunately not in a good way. The aroma of freshly baked chocolate cupcakes smelled like vomit this morning and the milk in my cereal...
I'm like Simonsez...no m/s, no major pregnancy symptoms, nothing but a little sciatic nerve pain at the end of my 2nd pregnancy. I'm hoping for another kick back pregnancy too
I'm not monitoring my heart rate, just keeping myself at my current exertion levels (lol, if that makes sense) and I'm keeping my weights the same. I plan on going what feels right with my body. If I feel like it's too much then I'll take it down a notch.
HI everyone! I'm 30, my DH is 32, and we have 2 DS's 12 and 6. Lol, I certainly never planned to have my kids so spread out, but I guess this was the way it was meant to be :)    This pregnancy is very special to us because after our second son was born my Dh decided he did not want to have any more kids. He had a vasectomy, but after 3 years he changed his mind and had his reversal done in April of 2011. The surgery itself was successful, but after several SA...
I just got over a 24 hour fever yesterday. I was super freaked out since I've never had a fever during pregnancy before. I took a couple of showers to keep my head cool, drank ginger tea with lemon and honey, took vit C, zinc, and some probiotics and half a dose of tylenol as needed.   Rest when you can and try not to overexert yourself :) 
My husband found out right away. I POAS because I was going to the gym that morning and I wanted to confirm that AF was indeed on her way. I was shocked when 2 lines showed up. I went into my husbands office and asked him how many lines he saw...lol! I had to take 2 more tests to be sure!   So far I've told about 4 good friends, both my sisters, and both of our parents. We'll slowly be telling people over the next couple of weeks and then if I can wait until the end...
Somewhere between Nov 9-13, though probably closer to the 13th since that is based on ovulation.
I definitely plan on continuing to exercise throughout my pregnancy! I do aqua aerobics 3 times a week and also jog, ride a stationary bike, and weight lift. If I need to, I figure I will switch to an elliptical if the running thing proves to be difficult once I'm further along.   It's hard for me to transition from "get in better shape" mode to "stay healthy" mode. I'm already pretty lean, but my last 2 pregnancies I gained 45-60 pounds and I would certainly like to...
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