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Thank you so much for ta  king the time to respond.  Yes Vit. D is big in our family.  For my husband and our kids.  I was told the only thing they have proven to help prevent the autoimmune disorders would be for the kids to get enought vitamin D3 before their 12. 
I have a 5 year old healthy boy (had some minor eye tics/blinking for 8 months last year and has enviornmental allergies;( was allergic to eggs and all dairy from 1yr old to 2 yrs old. ) Therefore, he had breastmilk for 18 months -He has NEVER been vaccinated.  I did have the DNA GENETICS TEST done and it shows he would NOT rid heavy metals as easy.  Therefore,  he would be more suseptable to toxic overload.   Due to where we live (previous farm land/along with rusty...
I have never vaccinated my son to date.  He is 4-1/2.  My husband was diagnosed with MS which affects him cognitively after contracting the Chicken Pox for the first time as an adult(38 yrs old)  His MS diagnosis was made within 60 days of the Pox.  Mom has asthma and allergies.   I am worried for my kids naturally.  I have a niece who is on the autism spectrum.    I wonder what are the shots most suggested and dosage.  I had been thinking of the DT for our son. ...
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