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Kneeling on my bed with my arms around my husband's neck. Contrary to what I'd predicted, the birth pool didn't get much use.
Hello!   My estimated due date is 2/12, this will be my first babe, and my intuition (along with my mother-in-law's intuition and all of those very scientific old wives' tales ;-)) says it's a boy - wont know 'til s/he is born, though!
I was wondering how to become active in the forums, as I am not yet a mama and am only ABOUT to be engaged, not yet married either! Having found this thread, now I see how I fit into the picture at this point in our journey. Before I met my love, I was sure I didn't want babies. Now I see how finding a true partner has helped me to embrace my womanhood to the fullest, and with this my natural desire to mother. We are wanting but waiting until Fall 2012.
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