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Quote: Originally posted by Vixenmama Sadean, where in SW Michigan are you? I have a friend with a 'getaway' cottage in Union Pier! all the best, Victoria hey! i'm also in sw michigan! benton harbor. do you know me? also have a booth at the breast fest, too! j
we also don't attatch it to chores. she's been expected to help regardless. the allowance thing has just started in the past couple of weeks. some do a dollar per year of thier age, but i'm not looking forward to $30 of allowance in thier teenage years LOL. call me a cheapskate. i heard someone say that some parents do 1/2 dollar per year. that sounds good. of course i'm not wanting to mess around with change so my 5 year old will get $3 until she turns 7 and then...
a homebirth- even unassisted- is not valid cause for an investigation. this isn't to say they wouldn't TRY, but it's totally bogus. the facts and statistics support homebirth. not to mention you have the legal right to refuse any medical treatment. of course in a hospital they make sure you sign away those rights but that's another story altogether. ;o) if it makes you feel better you can always join prepaid legal. that still doesn't guarantee anything but you'll just...
greaseball: so let me get this straight... your mom *planned* for your birth to be unassisted? and you survived??? lol. just kidding. unassisted birther here- just don't think i've spoken to anyone who has been birthed that way. my 7-month-old doesn't count because she can't talk back to me lol. do you know me from any of the uc lists? i'm nomail on most now, though. i'm curious as to what you think about birth. if you've got the time, email me. jeannie
oh, i can understand that. i didn't know you were alone (i'm new here). i was glad to have dh and dd here, and definitely wouldn't have wanted to plan on doing it alone either. thanks for clarifying!
you seem to be so well-versed in how bad routine intervention & control of birth is... i'm curious as to why "the idea of birth without a midwife is really unbearable"? jeannie (unassisted birther)
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