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Saw this on new posts.....ummm. Why would you LOVE to bust that out on her? What's that going to help?
Saw this on new posts. We changed DD2's name at 3 months and didn't pick one for DD3 until she was a week old. Like you we had a million picked for each (late 3rd tri choices ) and I didn't want an instant nickname. No harm in waiting (though I understand the frustration)! What about Amelia? I think it sounds nice with Claire.
Again....get a crock pot! There is a lady who used hers every day for a year. Not just basic soups either. You could easily get a flow going where you made enough (assuming you got a larger one) to have leftovers so that you wouldn't needing to be cooking every single day. If you can, a wok would be useful too. When we first married I would do a whole chicken in there (when my inlaws would come over) with all the veggies for the meal. One pot (pot being a flexible word...
Quote: Originally Posted by ears73 I was at an LLL meeting the other day and the leader (who was a grandma, so does she really remember correctly??) said hers didn't come back until 18 months... Could that be true for real? On a semi-related note, I took out "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" from the library but never had the time to really go through it. Then promptly spilled water all over it so I had to order a new one on amazon... Guess the...
Anyone want to do this with me? We could have a group thread like the running ladies. I'm going to start tonight. I spent last night watching videos (these two rock!) and what not so I'm ready to go! I'm going to use the Couch to 5k podcasts since they are pretty similar to what a lot of "routines" tend to be time wise (high intensity I guess). I found one that has pretty decent music buut there are tons out there to pick from! Anyone in?
For 1 pregnant woman and 2 kids I got $369 and after the birth bumped to $398. You have, at least in my state, a year to spend any amount on your card. Not sure if that's based on the date it was deposited or the last use date or what.
When DH and I first met we went to see my dad (lived in another state). I originally was working for him and by the time of this trip I had quit and we were loosely seeing each other. Out of no where he asks if i get bad cramps during my period and how they are in general. Taken aback I answered (totally embarassed!) and tried to forget it. Over the weekend he asked one or two more questions but never said why. The day we went home I started my period. I avoid body...
I just had an aha! type moment. At the risk of sounding dumb I wanted to ask. With twins, do you worry about switching sides as much or does baby a get one side and baby b get one side and it's not really a passing thought for you? Does it matter as much to make sure each baby gets each side (not neccessarily in one sitting because I know I don't do that)?
Quote: Originally Posted by Adasmommy I'm told that whenever I feel horny I should abstain because it means I'm ovulating. What kind of a crappy system is that? It's a brilliant one. Trust me. If not, you can meet DD2 AND DD3. Damn hormones.
Quote: Originally Posted by myfairbabies I just don't want to see them get hurt, because I had a traumatic birth. What do you think? Shut my mouth? No. Don't project on them. You didn't use this dr. so you really don't KNOW she won't get the birth she wants. There are so many variables (i.e. baby comes too fast and it's born at home, dr. isn't able to make it and she gets someone else, they travel and baby comes in that area as opposed to home...
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