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I just realized that makes it sound like I have a ton. I don't. I currently have 1 pouch and 1 wrap. I need to replace my ring sling too, after 4.5 years worth of use I wore a hole in it.
With DD1 I only used a ring sling. I am a bonafide ring sling addict/lover. I make my own though so I can't tell you which is a "good" brand. Right before DD2 was born I did make myself an onbuhimo and used that a bit but overall it wasn't my style (like a mei tai but only 2 straps...where the bottom ones would be are rings). I think it mostly the construction of it though and plan on tweaking it. DD2. Oh where do I begin with that delightfully ornry child. As an...
My 2nd has been called Baby S** since birth. She's 2.5. We call her by her name/shortened name often but she really is Baby S**. She's starting to correct us though...I have a feeling it won't last much longer.
*Saw this on new posts...my kids and DH are tv-free but I'm not..take it fwiw. * I think it depends on your (and those around you) definition of tv. For instance we have an actual television set but I say we don't tv, meaning the service. Our tv is used as a large computer monitor and is treated as such. We are able to access Netflix Instant movies though for the random late night movie (which is why we set it up this way). My sil insists that means we watch tv since...
I've always heard "jimmy-rigged" being the one with negative connotations.
Saw this on new posts (I'm not in this DDC ). I think its the semblence of control and keeping your compsure. DD1 I was noisy...I cried a lot. And yelled out obsceneties about "they" ( they being all the stories I had read that said labour/birth were such and such experience and mine was not going that way). It felt a lot more chaotic than need be IMO and lent a certain amount of tension to the situation. DD2 I didn't get noisy til closer to the end and again,...
Saw this on new posts. Bigger doesn't always mean lots bigger. DD2 was a whoppin' 3 oz bigger than DD1. DD1 was 6 lb 10 oz and DD2 was 6 lb 13 oz. DD3 was born early so obviously smaller but given the "average" weight gain from when she was born til term she wouldn't have made it to 7lbs either.
I've heard if you are drunk (genuine drunk....not tipsy) then the baby has a liklihood of the effect of being tipsy. I wish I could remember where I read it but it helps keep portion size in my mind. I have no problem with the occassional drink myself. My kids have never reacted to my intake (food or drink) so it's never been an issue for me. Keep in mind that the restrictions in America are a tad on the.....anal retentive side. We seem to lack the self control to limit...
Okie dokie! I think I have everyone up. Anyone else want added pm me! I took out the days with no births so it wasn't as long a list.
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