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DD1: 41 weeks and a couple days DD2: 40 weeks 3 days DD3: (my anomaly ) 36 weeks 3 days
Dh and I got to talking today...what are the schools like there? I plan(ned) on homeschooling the girls, largely in part because our education here sucks a dirty backside. To put it mildly. I'm not opposed to public school if it's good quality. So how is the school system there? Should I stick to my plan of homeschooling?
what the big to do is with Michelle Obama's clothing? I really must be msising something since that's been a hot topic forever. I don't see what the fuss is about. Looks like most people who shop at stores like Dillard's/JC Penny etc. Last time I can remember people caring what the First Lady wore was with Jackie O but I have a feeling it was more about her than her clothing. So why does the vast majority of people care what she's wearing? Is she hitting on some major...
Quote: Originally Posted by flapjack 2) No, but you will need to have enough money to live off. Have you got your visa application in yet? We don't yet. We still haven't fully decided (DH is leaving it up to me due to some little details) and we haven't officially picked a place. Everyone keeps telling us differently. How long does the process take do you know? Once we have Visas are we free to come over whenever we want? I assume the girls...
We are considering a move (a HUGE! move) to Edinburgh. I've been reading up on things all day (finally narrowed down the city/area we want though we still need to narrow that down more from the sounds of it) and have a couple questions I just can't seem to find answers for. 1. We are currently in the US. I've been on the RAS stuff and have googled every search term I can think of. Will we need to vaccinate in order to come over? 2. Do we need to have clean/good...
Quote: Due Date: Dec. 24 Predicted date of Delivery: Nov. 30 (way too early, especially for me but I had a dream and that's the date I got...same happened with DD1 and I was a few days off [past the date] so we shall see). Length of Labor: 5 hours Baby # for you: 3 Baby's weight: under 7 lbs. DD1 was 6 lbs 10 oz and DD2 was 6 lbs 13 oz. Baby's height: no idea....DD1 was 20ish and DD2 was 18.5. I'm expecting short. Was one day off on the birth...
No worries! She was able to fill them out enough in the butt shortly after I originally posted that they were workable. As of now they are almost all to the point of not needing cuffed! Besides, you have a new baby too. Once he came out I wasn't expecting anything.
I was pretty close! A day off (I guessed the 30th and she was born the 29th), was off by 30 min. on labour, and never gave an official weight/length.
This is a first...no need to tweak them. At a month old she's almost double her birth weight and aside from being a tad long (a small cuff worth) they fit well. She's been in them for about 2.5 weeks now.
Baby 3 at 36w3d....definitely not my norm.
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