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I just cancelled DH's freecreditreport.com subscription. I printed off the current one but it's only for one of the bureaus. I got everything written down and the amounts but got to thinking. When someone/thing reports to your credit do they do all 3 or can the group/person reporting selectively pick which one they report to?
Okie doke, I think I'm caught up on the birth announcements! I went back 5 pages, checked the thread itself, and my inbox. Let me know if you want something added/changed or if I've missed anyone! Congrats ladies! :
I hit post and a text came in!!! Rosemary was born at 5:15 this morning!!! 8 lbs. 5 oz and 21 inches long. Seriously freaking adorable! (and no csection! ) Congrats to my labour buddy!
Got a text from her last night at 11. She was at 6-7 cm, 100% effaced and -1 station! I haven't heard from her yet this morning but here's hoping her luck holds/held out!
She texted me again a bit ago. She was at a "loose 4" as she said and they were talking about a csection. Apparently the pit isn't producing strong enough contractions to make much change in her cervix. I haven't heard from her for a little bit now but I'll test her here soon to see if anything has changed. Send good vibes for her!
I'll be updating it here in the next day or so. My computer power cord took a dive so I've been lacking in that department. Just a reminder to everyone to pm me what you want posted! I'll go back through a couple pages to make sure I get everyone but I may inadvertantly miss one. Sorry it hasn't been updated as of late! It wasn't done on purpose.
Chanelle sent me a text at 12:43 this afternoon! She said (sorry I'm just getting to this...stupid internet issues): Quote: In labor dilated to 2 at last check. On pitocin because was over 12 hours between water breaking. Pretty painful contractions now. Haven't heard from her since. Hope she's holding her baby by now!
Quote: Originally Posted by MarineWife If I get pg again, I want to have a very early transvag u/s. I was told they raise the risks of early miscarriage. I wonder how true that is. just throwing that out there though in case you wanted to look into it. I think I'll start charting now. I was going to wait til my first af showed (13 months usually) but I'm paranoid it'll come back sooner and I'll be one of those "lucky" gals and pregnant at 6...
did it take before they figured out what was going to work for a spacesuit? And who was the lucky fella who tested it out (i.e. were they blasting prototypes into space or tweaking a simulation in a lab)? DD1 is playing on Starfall right now and there was just an astronaut. She asked me how come he was wearing his suit and why/how each item was picked for it. Now I'm curious.
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