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Quote: Originally Posted by tinybutterfly There is a REALLY cute and funny movie called Enchanted...it addresses some of these princess questions. DD1 LOVES that one. She calls it "true loves first kiss".
Maybe but she wasn't packin' them when she ran off into the forest. Oh I know! Her pockets are the dress equivalent of Mary Poppins' purse!!
I want some of the birds she has at her beck and call. Those are some mad cursive writing in pie crust skills!
Quote: Originally Posted by Monarchgrrl Princess dresses don't get dirty. Didn't you know? And princesses don't sweat. My sister said whatever it is she makes it look good.
'Cause it's ugly. Material wise I'd guess wood composite or whatever it is DIY desks from stores are done in. It's nice and thick and doesn't seem like it would be easy to chip (unlike those desks).
Awhile back I got this ark for my kiddos. Inside were these animals. I was just going to stain them but I'm not sure it would look good since it's not wood. What would you do? I'm not a great painter but would be willing to give it a shot. I won't paint details on the animals if I do. I got them Noah and Friends from Magic Cabin so I'm not too worried about those. I know I'm probably cutting it close time wise.
7 days for me. My cycles return as long and anov. Then they get down to my normal length but with a later o (which at first accounts for my short lp). Then the length fluctuates with my o moving up (average is cd23) and my lp lengthening. That said, my DD3 was conceived with a short lp. The cycle before it was 10 days. I've read various places that that's too short normally but not in my case. As far as testing IIRC my copy of TCOYF says you can reasonably test...
It's not the one you are talking of (at least not likely ) but I did one similar to it. Here's mine (with 1x1 ribbing down the foot). Here's the pattern...the ribbing down the foot was a mod. on my end. It's simple to do.
DD1 has been my only posterior baby. I had her 8 days late.
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