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Nope, I don't. It's not a discomfort thing or a loss of control thing. I just don't enjoy the process. Then again, I'm not attached to my fertility in any way really. Sure it's nice to have but I don't relate (for lack of a better word) to it? I just don't identify myself by/with it. I seem to be in the minority there.
My average range pre-o is 96.8-97.2 and my average post-o is 97.5-98.4 (well this last cycle....you know...the one I got pregnant on. ). The cycle before it was 96.5-97.2 and 97.2-97.9. I run low period. Like I mentioned dr.'s always take my temp. (and blood pressure) twice when I go in. Those of who do run low.....whats your climate like and is it similar to what it would be if you lived in your land of genetic origin? My sister and I have been talking about diet and...
I'm 9 weeks today. Yes the ms is tons better. This is the first pregnancy where it's been more than that carsick feeling. Not sure what happened but sometime in the last week it just started going away. Someone in my DDC pointed out that hcg peaks at 10 weeks and most don't start feeling better til then. Have to say, that was a depressing ass thought. This will be my 2nd homebirth (UC) too!
I'd test just based off the fact that you are on cd48. If negative I'd assume I hadn't o'd quite yet and/or was having an anov. cycle.
I'd go with the knitpicks set honestly. I have their Harmony sock needle set and it rocks. Customer service is awesome too.
I have that kit. If you are going to spring for interchangables go with a different brand. I got mine for free even. The cables on the Boye set are awful! Too stiff and the joins aren't that great...yarn catches on them often (at least for me). They also are pretty limited in their cable lengths. I think the Denise and Knit Picks sets have shorter length options.
WWC I'd say your temps are fine. I just read somewhere the othher day that BBT is lower than regular tem. of 98.6. I compared your chart to my last one and mine are low in comparison. Once my cover line was put in none of my pre-o temps are above 97.2 (which was my coverline...only one is at that and that was in the first 6 days). I just looked at my last 3 charts and it's the same. Do check for thyroid issues though if you are genuinely concerned..I've heard they aren't...
I've had it every day since o pretty much. It's upped in quantity in the last couple weeks to being noticeable when I wipe.
I'm not ttc but a friend had me look up tests for her. I went to all the sites I know to compare prices. Clickie here and scroll down a bit. Baby Wishes has a "dual" test...2 lines is an LH surge and 3 is hcg detected. I'm skeptical but thought that was interesting. Has anyone tried one? I'm curious about them now!
I should have mentioned DD1 was over 2 at the time. This time DD1 will be well over 4 and DD2 will be over 2 as well. That may have something to do with their ease in those situations.
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