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So, BFN today- either 12 or 13 DPO. Used a digital test- either yes or no and it very clearly read “not pregnant.” FF’s smart ovulation detector put me at O on CD 13, but I triggered on the night of CD 12 and insemmed in the morning of CD 14. I’m wondering if I would have gotten a smiley OPK in the afternoon of CD 12… who knows.   Anyway, I feel like we’re getting closer to pinpointing things. I came in to the RE’s office on 7DPO and my progesterone tested very low,...
Two mommy- we used an instead cup for our at home iCI. My Mom says that she accidentally got pregnant with my older bro because she didn't know how anything worked and when she realized ahe forgot her bc, she put her diaphragm in after sex. She's been telling women ever since to try that route b/c it helped her get pregnant. Also, there was a great article on genetic testing in this month's issue of Oprah Magazine. I think you might find it interesting.
Hi Friends,   Dropping in to say that we're 6DPI today. I've been watching the boards, but haven't felt like posting really. Honestly, I think i'll go back to lurking again, but I did want to just say that much.    Fx for you Lea and Friederike!
Hey y'all- I'm sorry for being so MIA lately. I've been on the worst roller coaster of emotions these past two weeks. Sometimes I literally think I'm going insane. First I really thought I was pregnant, but found out I wasn't and then our friends got pregnant on their first try and then my insurance denied me for fertility coverage after they'd first approved me. @$$holes. I swear the jerks over at Aetna are total homophobes. Thank god the RE's office has agreed to help...
I see that line too, Sphinxy!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pokey! Your pregnancy is just trucking right along! I can't believe you are 18 weeks already. That is soo cool!
Thinking of you, Lea 
Granite- we actually live in Vancouver, WA. It's right across the Columbia river from Portland, OR. In fact we live right along the river- well two blocks away- so Portland is less than 1 minute away by car. We used to live in Seattle though- from December 2010 to October 2011.
KWPX2-  It sounds like your timing was excellent what with the O pain you were feeling while the IUI was happening! I know that FF can give incorrect information, so I’m still holding out hope for you especially with all the emotions you’ve been feeling. Those are definitely good signs!   Sphinxy- I so hear you on the out of control emotions. I swear every other minute I’ve been going absolutely bat shit crazy. Its times like these that I hate being a girl. Hugs to...
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