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Hey y'all. I'm feeling really low right now, so please forgive me for no personals. Just wanted to stop in to say thank you to everyone that was rooting for us. This has been super hard on me and I'm feeling like crap, but I do really appreciate all of the support from everyone on this board. As for next cycle, a lot is up in the air. We have an appointment with Oregon Reproductive Medicine tomorrow and I hope to get some clarification from that about what our next steps...
I am getting AF :(
Friederike- Thanks for checking in on me :) I'll test in 11 hours...that seems like an eternity. DP lands at 4:45pm Pacific Standard Time, so I imagine we'll be able to meet at home by 6 and I'm testing immediately. We shall see! temp still above the coverline and no AF in sight.
Less than 6 weeks! That's so awesome Cananny! You two are triply lucky!
Sphinxy- I insemmed on CD 13 and today is CD27.
Lizbian- That is fantastic news! Yay for not having to have knee surgery!   Twomommy- congrats on your new fur baby! I love puppies. My brother's dog recently passed away and we were all so close to her that I've been thinking that maybe I'd like to get a boxer dog and have it around when our kid is little.    Sphinxy & Scorpioma- Sending you positive, calm vibes for this TWW!   AFM- feeling a lot more positive this a.m. Slight temp rise! And still no AF....
Yeah- she's still in MT. She'll get here around 6pm PST on Friday. Good luck with your timing, Sphinxy! Baby dust to you!
Gah. Just wrote a novel and my dumb phone ate it. Anyway, just dropped by to say that AF still hasn't arrived, but temp sits at 97.45 this morning and cover line is 97.28. It's been stair-stepping down, so intuition tells me it will start tomorrow.... Feeling really down tonight.
Granite- sending you hugs. So sorry you missed your O. :(   Sphinxy- that's a freaky dream! lol!   Darcy- Yay for your positive OPK!   Scorpioma- So happy you are in the TWW and offically got your positive OPK! I have good feelings for you this cycle.   AFM- doing okay today. Still no period, but my temp did drop a bit more and I'm getting some leg cramps, which are usually a tell tale sign of the first day of my period. Though...I do usually get them...
Thanks so much for all the encouragement y'all. I did ask DW about Skype, but she said no. Our first time insemming she had to be out of town, so she was on Skype while I had the IUI. It's starting to feel more okay as the day wears on. This morning was super rough, but I'm feeling better now- 'bout to go to Baby's R Us with little sis so she can finish her registry. I'm throwing her a pink polka dot, hearts and baby elephants baby shower on 2/10.
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