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Thank you, mamas.  I really appreciate the support and virtual hugs :)
I lost my sweet baby a week ago at 11 weeks...so much blood, so much pain.  We decided she was a girl and we named her Susannah.  Will be checking out the loss threads here on MDC; I'm sure it's a great resource.  Thankfully we are very well supported IRL by family and friends who understand how much this hurts.   Blessings to all of you on your continuing pregnancies...hope to be in another DDC in the summer or fall.  
I am having zero sex drive right now.  Pretty sure we've done it once since we conceived.  However, with my first pregnancy, I couldn't get enough sex during my 2nd trimester (and 3rd too, actually, but DH wasn't so into it), so I wonder if things will change in a few weeks.
Oh absolutely!  I started crying over commercials and movies (and the Olympics!) before I even had the BFP!  The other night I watched something on TV about a Russian orphanage and just started bawling.  I told my husband we have to adopt every one of them!
Haven't had nausea really, but did throw up once.  Ate too much dinner/too much dessert on our valentines day date :(  Definitely feel hunger come on super quick and then faint and light-headed if I don't eat right away.  Can only eat a little at a time though; feel full so easily...just to be hungry again an hour later, of course!     Really, really tired.   BIZARRE gas bubbles (I think??) after eating sometimes that seriously feel like a 7-month-baby kicking around...
I was just reading that exact thing in the NCSS for Toddlers last night, about taking them to a different room.  I'm also going to try creating more of a gap between nursing and bedtime, like 1--20 minutes instead of 2 :)  I really think my DS is waking HUNGRY though, so I am trying my hardest to get more calories in him during the day...   We tried having my husband comfort him during his first night waking a few days ago -- it was a disaster.  He was SO mad that it...
Me too!  SO tired!  Keeping up with my almost 15-month-old is suddenly the most exhausting thing I have ever done in my life!  (And then there's the night wakings -- kill me now!).  I'm 8+1 and am constantly tired.  Went to bed at 7 a few nights ago!
Thanks mamas!  It was definitely a surprise, and I wasn't really "ready" (DS is 14 months) but I am getting excited now and I know it will all work out :)
 Yes!  This exactly!  I reached the same conclusion you did: as much as I don't feel like I have the energy to nurse at night, I *really* don't feel like I have the energy to night wean right now.  I've decided this is going to be a 2nd trimester project...
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