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I am 5 wks PP and have had tingly/numb fingers since birth.  Had a bit of it before birth, but nothing like this.... My chiro worked on my neck a bit, but that didn't seem to help.  It is mostly my thumb, index, and middle fingers.  Not painful, just very annoying. Anyone else having this problem?? I've heard it could be carpal tunnel.... but does it go away??? I see my midwives next Monday, so I'll check in with them about it also....
Beautiful pictures!!  Congrats - love her name too!
Wow!!!  So thankful little Everett Henry is on the mend (love his name!)  Thinking of you and sending warm thoughts and healthy vibes your way:)  Way to keep on with the breastfeeding!
Congrats!  I loved reading your story - beautiful!
Congratulations!  What a wonderful story!  Love the peaceful and pink baby part:)  So glad it went well and that baby is nursing fine!
Silvia - 1 week old - with big sister Kiana.   Also meant to clarify in my birth story that although I was nervous about the midwife on call since I didn't know her as well.... she was amazing and was given to us for a reason!
So wonderful that you did not have to be induced.  Glad she is healthy!  And what a fantastic name  Our Sylvie/Silvia's almost made it out on the same day!
Finally have a few moments to write!   Silvia Jade arrived on November 9 at 1:06 in the morning. (natural in hospital) 6 pounds 4 ounces 18 inches   And yes she was full term! Even the midwives thought she'd be a 8-9 lb. baby, but apparently I grow peanuts, with small placentas and skinny cords to boot!   We had a family visit to our chiropractor Thursday evening the 8th.  The Dr. took my little toes and circled them 36 times one way and then 36 the...
wonderful!  love her name too!  Congrats!
With my first (now pregnant with #2), my water broke in the middle of the night, not really a gush, but continuous leaking.  When I called the midwives they suggested I come in as soon as I could and that if contractions didn't start regularly that they recommend pitocin..(bleh)..  I went in 2 hours later, they monitored me for 4 more hours - had contractions, but not regular enough apparently, they did give me some pitocin which seemed to kickstart my own body - DD was...
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