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I always knew I wanted a natural birth because my mother had my brother and I completely naturally and she talked about how amazing it was.  She never once called it painful, just pressure and pushing.  I also had a good friend who had a home birth a couple years before I became pregnant.  I had no idea that was even an option before then, but it really intrigued me.  However, when I became pregnant the first time I was a little too scared to attempt a home birth.  I am...
I never thought to write my birth stories to my children, I love it!  And I really enjoyed reading yours!  Congrats!!  
Congrats on your HBAC!  Wonderful story and big boy!  I thought my 9lb 10oz boy was a big boy!  Amazing job momma!!
Wonderful and beautiful story!  The pictures were amazing as well.  Thank you for sharing!!
We re-did our old 70's yellow bathroom (yellow toilet, yellow tub, yellow sink, yellow tile, yellow wallpaper...it was YELLOW!) while I was nesting before my last birth.  We didn't have the resources or time to completely re-do everything so I had to keep the small tub...but we did replace everything yellow with white and put in a nice soothing blueish grey paint color and waterfall faucets and rainfall shower head.  It's very spa like except the garden jetted...
Oh, I'm by no means saying this is a great system to emulate.  It actually scared me a little that they will belittle pregnant women if they gain more then 22lbs!  I think the Dr's would have kicked me to the curb with my almost 45lbs with both babies!  :)    If anyone has additional research or information about other countries I'd love to see it posted here.  
For me and DH, absolutely.  However, we both got our degrees in the same field we currently work in.  DH got his BS and MS in Computer Engineering and is currently going for his PhD. I got my BS in Management and MS in Executive Information Technology.  For us it has been fantastic as both worked in IT throughout our undergrad and then found companies to pay for our Masters/PhD degrees.  Even more so we now both work for companies that allow us to work from home.  It has...
With my first, my (inexperienced) midwife broke my water when I was 10cm and had been pushing with no urge for over an hour. Three hours later, exhausted we transfered from the birth center to the hospital for what I believe was an unnecessary c-section. My second, homebirth, water broke right after transition when I was just starting to feel the urge to push.
Congrats on your beautiful homebirth! It's an amazing experience! Reading your story brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing!!
I've been obsessed with natural birth and birth in America since I had a home birth 5 months ago.  I've really been curious as to why so many woman in North America, specifically the US choose pain killers so often.  I started by looking at infant and maternal mortality rates by country and then started looking into the birthing practices for those countries that have the best rates.  One of the best (I say that lightly because it is Wikepedia) article that I have found...
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