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Our school district has a lot of problems, but I'm fairly satisfied. Ds gets music, art, drama, and teachers who truly truly care. I'm really not one to worry about squashing his spirit with academics. If I felt something was too intense for him, I would deal with it on as needed basis. He loves to read and I don't think Waldorf would have been good for that.   What I am most dissatisfied about honestly is food that they serve at special events and for classroom...
I think if you and your husband intentionally conceive and then give up baby, it could really be hurtful and confusing and painful for the person when they get older and try to figure it out.  I like the idea of helping to fundraise.  I'm not anti-adoption. 
I would ask them about wedding photos and if they prefer your tattoos to be covered in them. Lots of tattoos will draw the eye away from the bride and groom in the photo, and if they are paying a lot for photos they might prefer they are covered. But then you could just take a layer off when photos are over. 
I went to the dermatologist yesterday - who I've only seen twice out of necessity - and he noted how irritated my face is. He thinks that my natural-ish products are way too harsh for my skin. I'm currently using MyChelle cranberry cleanser and I've been using jojoba oil to moisturize for 2 years. I have to agree, my skin looks horrible.  I've tried several different expensive natural cleansers the past couple of years and nothing is working right. I get excema like...
I get that. I don't like a lot of the fundraiser products either. But they help us keep our art teacher and buy needed things for the school. I live in a harsh district. Last year our principal wasn't even there more than 3 days a week because she was furloughed.  
That's great that your school doesn't struggle to get volunteers. We also have those volunteer forms. From my experience about 90% of the people who fill them out don't usually sign up to help for events. Many more may help in the classroom. Although, I'm told at the monthly homeroom parents meetings usually only a few people show up and we have at least 25 classrooms.  The governing board is more a Site Council job in our state.   
OP - Our PTO does as much as yours. Our school district is horrible, funding is horrible, and if we didn't have a money-making PTO then our school would look very different.   I am the volunteer coordinator. Our meetings average about 10 parents, pretty much always the same people. The principal always comes, teachers don't come unless they are requesting money for something. The same 10-12 people always volunteer for everything. It can be really discouraging. I was...
I live in the SW and I know people who don't use heat or don't even have working heat (and not from poverty). I don't see it as a big deal, although I can't do it.
I don't think most schools are run like this anymore. DH used to get hit on the knuckles K-8. Things are different now.
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