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Yes, totally normal. I remember being a little shocked by it too.  I read an article in Mothering magazine many years ago and the mother said that after she took her toddler on a long hike everyday the toddler went off and played in the afternoon while she worked. I was astounded by this scenario.
I agree completely and I think this is why so many women are intimidated by the thought of seeking out LLL for support. This is why they are called the "breastfeeding nazis". (FTR I don't condone calling anyone Nazis but actual Nazis).  
OP - I just want to say that it is awesome you are seeking treatment for her anxiety. I have anxiety disorder and I can remember it as far back as elementary school. It almost always manifested as a very real stomachache (still does).   I hope you find some good solutions.
Thank you for clearing that up, I couldn't figure out which one it was and I didn't have the motivation to figure it out :)   I, too, would think a child-free person would have other interests besides touting why having children sucks. Go figure. It's a little weird to me. 
I've been looking at this once-a-month option and I'd love to hear others experiences with it. I think the deep cleaning would be great but I realized that would still leave the weekly vacuuming and some bathroom stuff, cleaning up cooking grime, etc.   I would so love a weekly helper.  
Isn't that awful? That's why in self-defense class they teach them to yell FIRE. And when his instructor explained ds why, she told him that unfortunately some people won't pay attention unless they think they themselves are in danger. Sad. 
If you are a meat-eater, can you buy a share of beef or pork before you quit your job? I'd lose juice and soda immediately. Other ideas I have are already listed. Meal planning has helped me considerably.
This story has me absolutely cracking up.  I wouldn't clean it up unless it was going to ruin something of mine. In which case I would probably just roll him elsewhere. Man poop is gross. 
My son is in kung fu, which starts at age 6. He is learning lots of techniques to physically get away from someone - the whole "fire fire, this is not my mother" thing along with break holds and escape methods. The verbal lessons though don't go into that kind of role playing with that kind of language you describe.   After about a year the teacher physically attacks the child and they have to use all their maneuvers to pass their self defense review. It is...
I'm so sorry this happened, it sounds hard. And a lifetime of dealing with that behavior - not good.   I will add this though about the cutting off. Think real hard before you do it. My parents cut off a lot of people who were important to me, and as a grown up I have a lot of questions about that. Be sure you are doing it for the right reasons.   Good luck.
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