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Quote: Originally Posted by JustVanessa If she lived so close to you, why is the service 2000 miles away? The rest of her family are back on the east coast, and her husband is laid to rest there. DH thought we should have a memorial service here, since the family she is closest to live here, and then he could accompany his Mom back for the other service. But they said no. That would make most since because money is an issue for all involved...
Thanks for your thoughts. I'm glad my son got to spend this past Christmas with her.
"Nobody's perfect. Well, there was this one guy, but we killed him." -Anonymous "We need to heed the words of Dalai Lama. Or, at least, the words of your Mama." - Michael Franti
Quote: Originally Posted by Lisa1970 I would let them go. I homeschool too, but I have also seen how easy it is to become too overprotective. I see mothers of adults in their 20's freak out over those kids just wanting to get jobs and go to college. I would just let them go. This sounds like a safe situation and a good place to start. Her child is 2.5 and accustom to being home with Mom. Huge difference. She is probably hoping to drop off...
They think I'm difficult and uptight
I've done another deed to be added to the growing list of ways I've ticked off my IL's. It was a decision made by me and dh as a family, but I will likely be credited for the decision until the end of time. Dh's grandma just passed away It is very sad and an empty space will be felt by many people. On the positive side though, she was 91, was fully cognizant up to the end, and died in the backyard sitting in the sunshine among family (IL's live about 1.5 hours from...
Can you phrase it as "Dr's Orders"? For instance, dr told you ds is doing great, but because of toddler pickiness you should be offering a balanced diet on a daily basis to keep him in the habit. If you don't like fibbing, surely there's a Dr. somewhere on MDC who can help us out here!
I only have one child and I have no idea but that sounds really, really hard and I have to give you a
When ds stays up late we lay around and read books, since I'm usually out of energy by 8pm. What is the climate where you live? We have also watched the stars and moon on a hammock outside. Long baths with me on the bathroom counter reading or knitting.
We used a tiny little desk lamp with a soft blue lightbulb.
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