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I just wanted to chime in and say that Dr. Lori is fabulous. She attended our homebirth in 2006 and was family doctor while we lived on Oahu. Best of luck with your birth.
I'm currently planning a homebirth with a midwife but if my health continues to decline (blood pressure issues) I'm going to need to switch my care. I really want to go to someone who will work with me and be as non-intervention as possible. It's important for us to go to a friendly hospital as we will not be vaxing, or doing most of the the routine stuff. My last was a homebirth and I'm feeling a lot of fear towards switching my care and want to make the best decision...
I'm nursing my a little-under 3 year old but he's starting to taper off. We're down to bedtime and once a night which is a HUGE improvement.
We avoid u/s and doppler the first trimester at the very least. I don't fault people for getting them but we feel they're risky.
thanks! I'll check them out.
Hi, my husband, I and 2 boys (4.5 and almost 3) just moved to Virginia. Hubby words in Hampton and currently we are renting an apt in Yorktown. Are there any ap minded groups here? Non-vax friendly doctors? We just found out we're pregnant too so midwife recommendations would also be great. :
Mine so far.... sore nipples *this was my first clue...nursing is no fun right now* very tired grumpy gassy *I didn't know this was a symptom either..lol* craving salads like crazy
Just a few close friends but they all live far away. No one where we live yet.
Hi! I'm Jen. We just found out friday we're expecting. We have 2 boys, 4.5 and a few months shy of 3. I had a m/c 2 summers ago and now we're pregnant again. I have to say I'm a bit nervous though and I'll be glad to make it through the 1st trimester.
Hi! My husband is looking at a job there and I was wondering if anyone can tell me about the area? What neighborhoods and apartments are good? Any suggestions for non-vax friendly peds. and a chiropractor. From on line it looks like a beautiful place. Oh and what kind of salary needed to live comfortably there would be helpful.
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