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I meal plan with the same basic structure each week. For instance:   Breakfasts:   Monday - Eggs Tuesday - Cold Cereal/Yogurt Wednesday - Pancakes Thursday - Hot Cereal/Oatmeal/Grits Friday - Eggs Saturday - Muffins / Bread Sunday - Pancakes   Dinners:   Monday - Beans/Rice Tuesday - Pasta Wednesday - Slow Cooker Thursday - Stir Fry or Curry Friday - Beans/Rice Saturday - Papa Pizza Night Sunday - Family Dinner    Each week, I'll sit down with the...
The very first time my son mentioned nursing, he called it "bob." Now, though, he calls them the "boofs." "Boof, please!"
I know that there must be other WAHMs in similar situations to mine. I’d love to rack your brains for advice, suggestions and even, perhaps, camaraderie as our challenges are so unique.   I won’t go into extreme detail, but basically, I’ve been WAH for almost three years - since my oldest son was born. (I have two now.) I work a demanding job that routinely requires longer hours but does also offer some flexibility and leeway. Except for about 90 minutes in the morning,...
My son says "wes" for "yes" (love it!) and "boofs" when he wants to nurse.
Welcome to Durham, dancinmama! I've got 2 boys - almost 3 and 10 months - and we're in south Durham.    Good luck getting settled!
This is such a brilliant idea - especially for those of us who don't have immediate family nearby.  
I love using quinoa as a TVP-like sub. It works perfectly and is much healthier!
I think there are quite a number of us in this area, wwjc. My family is in Durham. :)
LittleSnail - If you can message me, I'll send you the link. :)
I guess it would depend on what yarn weight you were looking for but generally speaking, I love Madeline Tosh yarns.
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