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ascher21 - I did Hypnobabies with my last pregnancy. It was very relaxing and I often fell asleep during the tracks, too. :)
Like a lot of you, I'm wondering where my second trimester energy burst is. DH has been great with taking over night duties of our 20-month old, but I work FT and care for DS at least half of all my days from 11am until 9 or 10pm.. while I'm working. By the end, I'm wiped out.   The possibility of low iron levels occurred to me a few days ago, too. I've started supplementing with OTC pills but I've also tinctured yellow dock root that I should be able to filter and...
I'm a little late to the thread, but we had problems with fleas last year. We bought Cedarcide and honestly, it didn't make a difference. The dog smelled good, but he wasn't too thrilled about having it sprayed on him so frequently.    Hopefully, the DE works better! 
I've been using Karen's Botanicals skin care line and love it! I found them through EWG's database while I was searching for a gentle and non-toxic facial cleanser. All of Karen's products score, I think, between a 0-1 which is the safest I could find.
... are happy and kind.
I don't know if this helps, but our neighbors were saying that they had problems until they cut the trees back from their house. Once they trimmed the trees, they stopped seeing so many roaches.    They're unavoidable where we are, for the most part, too.  Good luck!
  I've got a 19 month old and my house is very much the same way!   I try to collect one or two misplaced things in each room as I move throughout the house. For instance, if I'm sitting down and get a drink, I grab a few things from the living room that SHOULD be in the kitchen to take with me.   I love the basket approach, too. Tossing things in there keeps the house relatively tidy throughout the day and makes cleanup a little faster.   I've become kind of...
I really like "You Are Your Child's First Teacher." It talks a lot about our role as parents and how we influence our young children. "Simplicity Parenting" is excellent as well! It's one of my favorite bath time books that helps me remember what's important in parenting.   Also among my favorites are "Mitten Strings from God" and "Buddhism for Mothers." Religion aside, both books are great at providing little stories and meditations to help provide the little bit of...
Hello, fellow vegs!    I'm 32, living in central N. Carolina and a WAHM. My husband works full time away from home and our son is 19 months old. I'm currently 5 months pregnant with DS #2!   I've been vegetarian for 14 years now. Both my husband and son eat meat occasionally--usually when cooked/offered by someone other than me. :) We're trying to both eat minimally processed foods and stick to a budget, so we've been getting creative with using what we have and...
I think I got about 10 hours of sleep last night but man, I still feel so tired. I'm going to sit here and try to wake up a bit more - I'll post my list once I'm coherent enough to make sense.   So far:   -made coffee -yawned. a lot.
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