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Because DS's dad lives two states away, I spent the first month with just me, Kenny, and my mom. As agreeded, she'll watch him on occasion when I need to go to the store, but otherwise i'm on my own. This is simple but exhausting. The entire time, I've kept in contact with boyfreind. He's made promises to help when I finally came over to vistit.   Now that I am here, I'm finding myself increasingly fustrated and trapped. He lives in a trailer court five miles from...
It may have been theact of leaving the house, i didn't think of that. Whenver i check his temp, it always reads right around 98
I was visiting a freind with my 5-week-old yesterday, and my son started fussing. While he normally fusses quite a bit at that time of night, I can usually sooth him with a finger, rocking, and nurseing for a bit before he finally conks out.   However, none of that was working: He degraded into full-blown rage, red face and breath holding included. This upset thier 4.5 month old, and everyone got a head ache. I take him outside into the cool air to cut the noise...
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