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*pokes head in* I got nothin', I just wanted to say hi.
You're gonna be in Portland?? Got any free time in those two weeks? :
Are you able to cue it, while it's happening or right after? If so, I always counted that as a "catch" (the opportunity to cue was caught, even if the urine wasn't!). Even if not, she's still learning to associate what she does/her body is doing with peeing/getting wet.
Do you mean to describe what it is, or to explain how it works? To describe, I say "it's just responding to my baby's cues and signals, and offering them appropriate places to eliminate." To explain, I talk about how babies are born generally knowing when they need to go, with a desire to communicate with you about it, and it's a matter of mutual communication, timing, and so on. I sometimes threw in something about sphincters (how they're closed by default, and babies can...
Thread is reopened. Please, everyone remember that a thread advocating or seeking support for a particular parenting choice (within the MDC Statement of Purpose) is not attacking another choice or circumstance. Also please remember to not take issue with another poster on thread: if you feel a post is problematical, please use the Private Message function to contact that member directly, use the Report function, or contact a moderator. Thank you.
Moving from LWAB to the VBAC forum.
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Quote: Originally Posted by kaPOW! so I had a womans exam a few weeks ago and the OB said my thyroid felt weird, but probably normal *for me*. I figured I'd have it checked out by my GD anyway, since it seems like EVERYONE has thyroid problems. I had the appt earlier this week and she said she felt a mass. I had blood work done and she ordered an U/S, which I just had today. There was an obvious mass in one side of my thyroid. Of course, it's Friday so...
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