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Bump in case there's anyone else out there!
Oh yeah, homebirth is out, completely.  They baby will need immediate surgery at birth.  Definitely wouldn't want to risk infection during transport or shock.    
I was planning a 2nd HB when our anatomy scan revealed an abdominal wall defect last week.  Anyone who has been through this, I would love to talk to.  Thanks, Mamas.
Please PM me about them!  I have a dear friend who may be interested in them.  They seem to be a bit medical leaning from their website.  But I have heard positive stories.  So I am trying to collect information for her! Thanks Mamas!!!
Hey Mamas!!!   I wanted to send out a message letting you all know that MFM has a whole new board and we are working on a lot of great new projects to help raise money to support our local midwives!   If you have a minute, please check out our New Website and JOIN US as Supporting or Professional Members! If you are a Business Owner, we have a lot of great opportunities to get your brand out there and support local midwives at the same time!  Please contact...
What a big and diverse group of mamas here!  WELCOME!!! Hugs to all the mamas that are going through a loss right now.  Lots of baby dust this next cycle.
omg almost that exact thing happened to me with my 10lb 2 oz baby!  insanity!  yeah i ripped too!!!  i think i got 10 though.  but yeah, his heart rate was down and not fluctuating at all and it freaked her and the assistant out enough that they were like, "your baby needs to come out now" and i pushed twice in one contraction, head,  shoulders knees and toes.  my body had "pushed" maybe 5x before that.  im not eating sugar at all this pregnancy.  please no 10lb babies...
Thanks ladies!!! I really appreciate the recommendations!!
hahaha. asking a ss couple if it was an accident.  cracking me up.  my dd is no biologically related to her dad, but people tell me all the time she looks more like him than me :) funny stuff.  i know he likes that! 
Yes!!!  awesome job :)  thanks!!!!!  hope you had a great vacation!!   Livingsky!!!  YAY!!! Welcome :)
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