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My husband and I have recently been thinking about moving here for a few years. but we are pregnant and due in August and I really don't want to fly to Florida to give birth "at home" any updates on the status of homebirth?  I wish there were some local carribean traveling mws!!!  im already dealing with this problem in Maryland!!! ugh!
You're child is NOT a public health risk.  I have friends who are doctors IN public health who live for vaccines and happily let their children play with my unvaccinated children all the time.  People who think there is some major risk are just buying into what they are told on tv.  There is no evidence to support it.  Vaccinated kids who get the diseases they are vaxed for do so without any blame on unvaccinated children.  Only cnn says otherwise.  Science does not...
We live in N. Balt but my husband and I are considering moving to NOVA before our baby is born (just to have the baby) because there are no legal MWs practicing homebirth in MD and because I am a VBAC the two birth centers will likely not take me.  Even though this would be my second VBAC (I had a successful homebirth in 2010). So we are trying to figure out WHERE and WHO to see in NOVA if we do end up going that route!  Any info would be SUPER helpful!!!!  Feel free...
Well we told my family at Christmas last night.  It went over way better than I thought.  No comments about how we couldnt afford it.  Just smiles and Yays.  But Im sure the critiques will come soon ;)  Wont tell the greater FB world until after 12 weeks though.
THANKS FOR DOING THIS :))))  Baby #3 for me!
I am sick and throwing up NOTHING all day.  I am really struggling.  I have damaged my ribs twice now.  SO MUCH PAIN.  I cannot move hardly at all.  Im literally a vegetable.  Its awful.  I also have had congestion SINCE getting pregnant!!  8 weeks tomorrow.  Im a big ball of miserable!
If she moved to Maryland can you PM me her name?  I REALLY don't want to deal with crazy!!!
GISDiva!  JEALOUS!!!!  I am having SUCH a hard time even calling to interview MWs because I cannot get ANY experience info on them from the HB moms, because they are ALL new.  All of our veteran HBMWs have all been arrested or charged with something and aren't practicing anymore :(  It's all very depressing.  Moving to the farm is looking more and more like and option... haha.  If only it wouldn't cost like $10,000 out of pocket!
Oh yah!  my reaction was 50% of the problem.  I read a lot on http://www.ahaparenting.com/ and http://goodjobandotherthings.com/good-job-blog/ And tried to just understand that was how she knew to communicate right now and even though I didnt like it, I needed to give her time to figure out a healthier way without shaming her or exacerbating the situation. now i am working on getting DH to not react poorly and make things worse.  its tough for him though!
LOVE Adelaide!!!
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