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i feel so sad when would see moms complaining about their kids behavior at DDs preschool and saying they are probably ADHD, but they have them on a S.A.D.  its, well, sad.  i just want to tell them they should change their diet, but they always take it the wrong way like im some health nazi elitist with my organic fruits and veggies.  :(  no matter that i use to be just like them.  frustrating.  feel so sad for those kids trapped in their minds like that!
diastasis IS the problem.  I look so pregnant already.  even more than just my fat.  ANY bloating in my belly stick straight out.  SO depressing :(  i havent been ME in years.  hate it.
so jealous!  my nipples are KILLING ME!  and my son will just scream and scream and scream until I nurse him.  and he cannot sleep without it.  i feel so miserable and trapped.
maternal mortality starts on page 59 i think?  or just after that.   http://www.who.int/whosis/whostat/EN_WHS10_Full.pdf
Whoever wrote the data on Colorado homebirths is completely incompetent.  You cannot expand data to assess IMR.  There were only 637 homebirths.  There is no way to establish IMR with that amount of data and then compare it to a state IMR.  Its totally unadjusted.  The actual adverse birth events are very few.  I am shocked if a government published that.  The CDC would never attempt to establish IMR with such a small subject group. There were only 8 homebirth deaths...
Thank Ladies.  Gave the arnica a try before with no luck.  Haven't gotten out to the store again yet to get the comphrey.  Morning sickness just hit so now Im really struggling.  I like holding my ribs while throwing up so they dont get further damaged.  AWFUL.  This is a sign that I am over-doing it.  I need to take a big step back and re-prioritize.  And on top of that.  IM STILL SICK!  I cannot get rid of the cold!!! Its the never ending cold :(  so miserable.  ...uh...
so in the beginning holding the area helped, but as the pain intensified, it now only makes it worse to touch that area (or the whole top half of me) in any way.  i will get some oatstraw and nettles.  actually think i have nettles.  and ill add it to the RRL im drinking!  thanks!!!
We love it tooo!!!  Our lights are out and our tree is up... and our kids are systematically dismantling it!  UGH.   We dont go too crazy.  I wanted to make gifts this year, but I am seriously too injured to sew :(
hugs incorrigible. so sorry for your loss. please visit us often  i hope you will see a bfp again as soon as you are ready.
yep.  all three.  laying down hurts the worst :(  so i sit up to nurse in the night.  which is sooo hard because he wants to perma-suckle.  so after an hour i finally hand him cryiing to DH so i can try and rest.  But he just screams for me for an hour.  So it doesnt really let me rest.  Then I give in and feed him again and the cycle continues.  He was awake from 2-4am last night. arnica didnt help at all.  325 mg of tylenol is in the percoset i was prescribed.  i...
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