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My nipples are DEFINITELY hurting as of 2 days ago.  I am so over nursing its not even funny!  yep, thats about how it feels.
So, I got a cold last week.  Had some deep but infrequent coughing.  Woke up Saturday with pain in my rib cage.  by Sunday I was crying and couldn't take a breath.  Finally went to Patient First after exhausting my hippy medicinals (homeopathic remedies and herbal).  Doc said they wouldn't xray me because I was pregnant.  Wrote me a script for percoset.  It helped a little, but the pain was still bad.   Fast forward a week.  Here I am, STILL SICK with cough and cold...
I was like 6 months pregnant at 10 weeks with #2.  After #2 I lost the weight fast... AND THEN STARTED EATING COOKIES EVERYNIGHT.  And literally I gained 20 lbs from cookies.  I am not kidding.  So sad.  I was using food to fix my PPD.  Which didn't work and only make me feel worse about myself.   SO, this time I already looked 6 months pregnant.  But I have definitely noticed a bulge that I just cant get rid of.  I have really bad diastasis though.   We are up in...
  Have you had her IgG done for food sensitivities.  My 4 year old was like that, then our doc said remove gluten and dairy and she is SOOOO much sweeter now.  Also sugar and dyes (especially red) cause the same PSYCHOTIC behavior.  Im not kidding, POSSESSED BY THE DEVIL style crap!!!
Melly, I would absolutely do the birth center.  No contest.  You could end up with anyone attending your birth at the hospital and it could be a nightmare scenario.  Always outliers, but oh man, its SUCH a crap shoot.  Unless the MWs at the BC aren't jiving with you at all and seem just as medically inclined (which I doubt), then I would definitely do birth center.   There is one over and hour from me and I would TOTALLY go to it if I could, but they don't take...
I have a friend who said she bled most of her first tri with all 3 of her kids!!  very scary, but all were perfect!
Ah!!  Welcome to all the new Mamas and congrats!!     Somegirl, LeighPF, Mody, bdoody, mrsrobertson, banana731, mellybelly!!! So excited to see our DDC filling up :)  
YAY!!!  So happy to hear that :)  And that you are still with us!!  
http://www.leg.state.co.us/Clics/Clics2011A/commsumm.nsf/b4a3962433b52fa787256e5f00670a71/b802646d0bfa7b0387257877006cf4fa/$FILE/0419HseJudAttachD.pdf is this what you were talking about?
me too.  i think all obs and mws should publish their personal numbers.
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