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I am loving all these fun and creative names!  I usually choose more traditional names, but you all are definitely making me think outside my box!
I'd love the link for maternal mortality.  And for Colorado homebirth vs hospital IMR. I used a CNM as well.  but none are practicing in my state now.  so i will be forced to use a cpm for this pregnancy.  i cannot go to a hospital.  as a vbac im at too high a risk of being mistreated by them and ending up with a unnecessary section. i think one day a hospitals advatages will outweigh the risks, but today i dont think they do.  its easy for a hospital to sweep...
We wish you the best with your LOs surgery!  I hope it goes wonderfully!!  And he has a quick recovery time!
the program doesn't allow you to adjust for low risk.  which is kind of irrelevant, because all of the MWs I know take traditionally high risk patients.  I think the impact of high risk is much lower then what anti-homebirth groups seem to believe.  Many of the things that would force a hospital CNM to turn her client over to an OB, an out of hospital MW will take on.  multiples, breech, GD, previous fetal demise, multiple losses, VBAC.  Those women are all being...
Good to know who to be mad at. not that acog is off the hook just for this one. i must have read ajog and thought acog. Dang abbreviations!
Acog publishes that journal. mana not releasing their data does seriously tick me off. but mana doesnt need to release their data. cdc wonder has it. out of hospital births attended by any kind of mws have a lower imr than ob attended hospital.
Welcome akmeg!!! So glad youre here!!
stay with us :)  end of july will likely be August anyways ;)
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