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Hugs Mamamash :(  im so sorry to hear that!   YAY mirpmama!!!  so exciting :)  congrats!!
I am excited to see all of your results for today from everyone waiting until the 30th!!  I hope to see a bunch of you over in the August DDC :) I wanted to say goodluck to the mamas who didnt get their BFP this cycle and wish them the best of luck in the next!  I will no longer be the OP for the TTC while Nursing thread. AngelKissedKids has kindly offered to take over for the December thread!! Thanks AKK!!  But I will pop back in now and then to check on you all :)...
please keep us posted.  i hope you will see a lovely little sac in there!  will be thinking of you today!
Hugs mama.  Keep us posted on how you are doing. 
I am hoping the same thing!!  My husband needs to WORK ON HIS BUSINESS.  that is where the real money is.  He also has a 9-5.  But seriously, the business is what I wish he would spend time on.  He will ONLY take on word of mouth clients and I hate it because I feel like there are SO many potential clients out there if he bothered to advertise!  ugh!  Yeah we have a similar financial situation and its frustrating.  But Im lucky enough to not work.  Which takes a ton of...
That is so awesome they knew about the SIDs connection.  SO many docs dont have any clue about that and think because so many nursing moms co-sleep that WE are the risk.  SO ANNOYING!   Im am really struggling with finding a MW.  I haven't even held interviews, but personality wise, all the ones I got great vibes from aren;t even certified yet.  And are pretty new.  It just makes me SO uncomfortable.  :(  this states birth climate is going to lead to the deaths of...
CraftyMcGluestick!!!  I LOVE you name!  haha.  WELCOME!!  Sounds like you were describing my first pregnancy... except breech presentation.  posterior with the second though!  THAT was awesome!!!  This is going to be the awesome pregnancy and birth for us both right?  hahaha.
starfish nooo :(  im so so so sorry mama.  im sending you a major hug right now.  i cannot imagine.  i hope when you are feeling up to it you will check in with us and get another BFP.  please keep us posted on how you are doing!
my husbands reaction last time was, "i need to go visit my dad next week."  (15,000 miles away) um are you freaking kidding me?  i was miserable my whole pregnancy because of his negativity.  i ended up with an awful birth experience and a year PPD.  Whatever you do!  Dont let his negativity bring you down!  I let it get to me.  And my son suffered a lot because of it.  Not sure I can ever completely forgive DH for it.  He promised me this time would be different....
oh my joyful!  how lucky to have found this info!  i hope this will help you :)  so sorry for your losses!
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