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webster flipped my stubborn (2nd) breech after just 3 sessions!!
YAY Porcelina!!!  We will keep a spot in the August 2013 DDC warm for you until you're ready!!  hugs mama!!  yay!!!  
oh my!  im so sorry to hear about your celiacs!  how are you littles with wheat?  are they all sensitive?  i have a theory that if a parent has an allergy or sensitivity to a certain food that their body doesnt breakdown the proteins properly and therefore the whole proteins go through the placenta to the baby and then the baby's body is overloaded with it.  I am sensitive to dairy.  But still eat it and BOTH my kids were really sensitive to dairy! DD I didnt BF hardly...
Thanks for posting that FarmerCathy!!!  That was AWESOME!  blend in MILs blender!!!  hahahahahaha!!!
OMG! 45 minute homebirth!  What the heck!  Im so flipping jealous!  What a dream!
WELCOME!!!  So excited you are here Mamaki!!!  Congrats!!
YAY Mamaki!!!  Will move you to Success :) So Sorry to hear that Tenzins :(  hugs mama!
3.5 hours!!!!!  lucky!!!!!  Mine was 8!  You might be one of the few people that wouldn't be totally taken advantage of in a hospital.  show up at 10 cm, push... leave an hour later!  any birthing centers? I would UC with a doula if i didnt have a history of hemorrhaging. My friend did that and loved her birth!
 LivingSky!  Im so sorry to hear this.
I have always heard that dehydrated loses a lot of nutrients.  Also, hormones disappear and breakdown quickly and that is really what helps pick people up emotionally I believe.  But also, I just try to think of a person living in hunter gatherer times and imagine how they would do it.  I think they would probably just take a bite or cook it over the fire that night!  thats my guess.  And I always try to stick with the most fresh manner of eating almost all foods.  As...
New Posts  All Forums: