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Oh they werent strangers.  They were "friends."  if you know what I mean.  haha.  one of which has no children and is still unmarried at almost 40.  So there may more going on there than just a severe lack of education.
oh my!!!!  get ready for double duty mama!!!!   my husbands dream is twins!
oh thats is exactly how I was planning to do it!  frozen in a smoothie!   haha.
So sorry Emmysue and blonhrt and countrybound!  why would they cancel it?! blonhrt my LP was 8 days last cycle.  I O'd CD 20 out of 28 days.  I started to drink fresh squeezed grapefruit with two heaping tablespoons of gelatinized maca before breakfast.  This cycle I O'd on CD17 and my embryo made it!! YAY!!  You might give it a try :)  My next move was B6.  But didnt need to!
OMG< i got attacked recently by 2 crazed women who thought I was practically setting my child up for sex therapy one day by nursing him at ALMOST 2 years old.  I was like, yeah there just isnt a single piece of evidence to support that whatsoever.  Its a society constructed idea.  Other cultures have much less sexual perversion than we see here and they nurse their boys longer.  much longer.  So, I think the opposite could quite possibly be true.  UH!  So, yeah, people...
Dude I could see a faint one at 10 DPO!!  how are you having this amazing self control!!  
crazy!  I am in Parkville/Perry Hall area!!  Thats so funny.  We've probably already met!  Did you do the Tuesday mornings in the park?
countrybound.  I'll be thinking about you.  keep us posted!
Welcome girlspn!  i will add you to waiting to catch the first PP egg :) Awesome!!!!  Thanks AKK!!!  I hope you will get OPs luck also  I really cant wait until the 30th to see how many of you got your BFPs!!!!  The suspense is killing me!!!!
I am living in trying HB times here in Maryland.  Where I live there are NO legal HBMWs.  SO everything is underground.  CPMs that practice out of state and come in or just risk prosecution for helping us.  Last time my HB was totally legal here.  But this time... Im going to have to go underground to find one.  Im excited though to have another HB :)  And to get to meet a lot of MWs! Anyone else in a similar situation living in an anti-HB climate?
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