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No, I wouldn't want a midwife who had never experienced pregnancy and birth herself either. I only want a woman who has "been there, done that" as my midwife. There are so many things about birth that you learn only by experiencing it yourself. It just feels so natural to me in the tradition of "granny midwives" to call a woman who is older and has given birth herself to be by my side. The midwives who attended the homebirths of both my sons were mothers themselves and...
We were not married at the time we had our children, so I gave them their father's last name mostly so no one would question if they had the same father or who their father was. When we married recently, I dropped my middle name and made my maiden name my middle name and took my husband's last name. I needed to keep my maiden at least as my middle name because I earned my degrees before I married. 
Moby Wrap!
 I know right?!?!? I will say that I started noticing this around the time I started taking Maca root for my PMS. It just seems like I'm more fertile based on the more dramatic signs of ovulation. I would highly recommend Maca! I take capsules I get at the health food store. 
So, I suppose I'm in the "Waiting to Know" camp. I'm definitely PO and AF is due anytime. Too nervous to test, I'm a big chicken. Both of my boys showed up negative when I tested at first and then finally I got a positive with them about 2 weeks after missed period.    Anyone else used Maca root to regulate your cycle? I have never struggled with fertility issues, but I do struggle with severe PMS and I have been taking Maca for about 2 years now. I have noticed my...
Thanks Sarah!  I guess to be truthful, I'm actually just "NP" since we "try" often lol
Hi NSmomtobe!  Thank you for welcoming me in, is this the right thread for me to be in if I'm just NTNP?
Timidly joining....not sure what category I fit in....we're just "letting go" (of birth control and control in general) and seeing what happens.... Hello everyone! and babydust to all! 
Yoga, Pilates, and Kegels are all you really need. And don't let your dr. or midwife give you an episiotomy! I get comments all the time about how toned my arms and legs are and all I do is walk on the treadmill or outside and go to a one-hour exercise class 3 times a week at my local gym (which offers free childcare for up to 2 hours per day which means I get time for a nice shower after my workout as well). The exercise class I go to combines yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi....
"Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon "Lullaby" by Dixie Chicks "Is This Love" by Bob Marley and of course "You are my sunshine" :)
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