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whew aunt flo just showed up. I'm out! Best of luck to the rest of the mamas in waiting! :
We took ds1 to a naturopath who found a deficiency in magnesium so we started supplementing with that about 2 years ago. Also, he gave him an herbal supplement with valerian and chamomile. We only use that from time to time if he is having a hard time getting to sleep. He has a special pillow and blanket that are very soft and I put a really soft blanket over his fitted bed sheet and put lavender essential oil (a few drops) on his pillow. I also rub a few drops on...
Have you read Journey of Souls? If not you should. I think it sounds like this is very real from the way you described your dream and those of your mom. Honestly I get the impression that this baby girl is going to come to you no matter what you and your hubby do to try and prevent it know what I mean? The condom will break, the pill will fail, etc It sounds like she's telling you to chill and let her come when she comes. Just my impressions.
I'm going through the same exact thing! I'm going to go to the clinic for a pregnancy test tomorrow. I wonder if drinking a lot of of water will affect the results of pregnancy tests by diluting the HcG? I am a big water drinker and also exercise regularly so have a pretty good metabolism so I don't know if maybe that's why I have been getting neg.s? If it was a cyst how long do I have to wait for my period to start?
I always feel sad for babies who don't get to experience the comfort and closeness of nursing even for a few days. I think the whole "It's not right for our family" is the catch-all cop-out phrase people use for just about everything.
I worked at a job that was about 50% on my feet running around and upstair and 50% at a desk. I put in to take all my vacation time and sick days 2 weeks before my due date. And then I was on unpaid maternity leave which I just never returned from. Really, I think leaving a month before my due date would have been better. It was all I could do to get to work and deal with all the office bs the last couple weeks I was there. I just wanted to clean my house,...
I like it but I think medium auburn hair would really look amazing on you!
nope. All 3 times I was late I was preggo. First pregnancy was a miscarriage and then I had my 2 boys. And now I'm late again...great...
Quote: Originally Posted by nichole You should try a diaphragm. Mine is made of silicone and doesn't irritate me at all. I don't have any problem with the spermicide, but you would have to try it for yourself. That's what my midwife suggested for me, but I'm afraid to try it because I have really short fingers and I guess a long vagina because I can't get up in there to touch my cervix. I am so paranoid I wouldn't be able to get it positioned...
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