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My mom says she remembers me walking around in circles flapping my hands when I was a young child. I am "neurotypical" by all standards- I did have some sensory issues growing up (couldn't stand tight pants or scratchy materials) and I was shy. Apparently I had horrible temper tantrums as well but other than that I went through life as a "normal" kid. My oldest son has autism and I and my mom see a lot of the things I used to do in him just to a more exaggerated...
Good for you! I never feel the need to use the embarassed smilie either! Enjoy it! Tomorrow dp is watching the boys while I sleep in- well until 9:30- better than 6!
My son was born at home, completely drug-free, after 20 hours of natural labor. He has never been vaccinated. He also has autism. He is an extremely loving and affectionate child- he asks for "cuddles" and will stay in bed for an hour just cuddling with me in the morning and he loves to give me kisses. He has just started talking more and tells me "I love you" back when I tell him I love him. He is considered fairly high functioning by everyone who has ever...
Quote: Originally Posted by OceansEve Heck no. DH was ready to jump me within 24 hours after having both babies DP was the same way! What are they thinking? lol It must be something to do with the hormones released or something. I just had to say "umm did you see what just happened down there? no"
Not true in our case at all. Definately brought us a lot closer. We are really good at dropping our roles as parents at the bedroom door though and just getting in touch with out primal selves. I can see how it might change things if the man has some sort of barbie-doll complex when it comes to his partner or a madonna/whore complex- if she can't burp or fart in front of him without him getting grossed out or if she can't come to bed without make-up because he...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jen78fl Just curious, has anyone found speech therapy to help? My son is getting some at school but will be starting private speech therapy soon also. I am hoping it will help. He has alot of babbling and uses that to ask for what he wants so I think thats a start at least.. I have seen amazing progress in ds1 with his current speech therapist. At 2 he said about 10 words (such as: cat, no, mama, dada, tv, on, wha...
wow- I can't believe she was so "whatever" about the whole thing. I wouldn't do that in the first place, but if I did, I certainly wouldn't say "So?" You'd think she would have at least offered some sort of excuse or said "I don't normally do this kind of thing but today he was pitching a fit not wanting to go in, blah blah blah" Sounds like you definately did the right thing.
We are of very limited means to say the least after dp got laid off from his job, so here's my plan: I'm going to go to the Dollar Store and get each one of then a large holiday candle (you can get the ones in the nice jars with a lid for $5 each at most dollar stores) and I'm going to make some oatmeal chocolate no-bake cookies for each of them. I think that and a handmade card from Grey will be a pretty nice gift.
You aren't doing anything wrong. I'm sorry you aren't getting more support for your son's special needs. You might want to look into local special needs/moms support/playgroups. Check out http://www.parenttoparentofga.org/ for local groups and mentors.
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