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Poor baby. ds1 has also come close to that point and it just breaks my heart. I hope something will do the trick and help him get it out.
I think the qualities I value in a woman are those I also value in a man: Honesty and integrity- being "real" with yourself and others Compassion Strength (I can't stand it when people b%$# and moan all the time- life's hard deal with it the best you can) Intelligence Confidence The ability to cut loose and relax, party and have a good time. storm bride it looks like we admire the same sort of people. My dp is overall the most honest person I know, even...
I pray God will give you both the strength to get through this and he will be healthy and back to normal soon. Are there any government assistance programs like medicaid or anything that he might qualify for if he is on disability since you're only making min. wage? I hope they don't give him a hard time about the disability benefits- if stage 5 renal failure isn't a disability I don't know what is. Just make sure when you're applying that you have all of his...
The brand Garanimals at Wal-mart has no tags in the shirts! The size and info is in ink inside the back of the shirt. They also make some great long sleeve shirts and PJ pants. Ds1 lives in Garanimals because they make such soft, cotton mix and match tops and bottoms. He can't stand tags in shirts or tight pants like jeans.
Soulshine I just have to say I'm so sorry for everything you have been through and are going through. I agree- maybe this post could be moved to the general pregnancy subforum. I'm sure the OP meant no harm, but this could be a very upsetting thread in this forum.
My 2 boys were so different that I can understand both sides- my youngest is Mr. independent- if you put him in the swing when he was younger he would whine and maybe cry (but not that HELP! I need something! truly distressed cry) for a minute or so and then just fade to quiet and then sleep. The more someone tried to pat him or rub him or shush him the more agitated and "awake" he got. If they just let him be he would almost always fall asleep. If the swing or whatever...
I agree, I would call CPS and give them all the info I know. At the very least, they can make sure she is drug tested when the baby/babies are born and that they are placed in protective custody if they do test positive for drugs. In that case they may allow family members to take the children in. Often women who are addicted to drugs will refuse prenatal care for fear of being drug tested. If she truly does have toxemia her life is in immediate danger as well as...
Magnesium glycinate and natural food-based B-vitamins (I like the Max Stress B from Premier Research Labs the best) seem to always do the trick when ds1 is acting like he's in a frenzy.
Thanks for your help mamas! Quote: Originally Posted by UmmBnB Why not just ask them? I would do so but the issue hinges on his inability to be open and honest.
I saw it a week or so ago and though- I REALLY hope its fake...that or that family must be circus people with some serious double-jointedness going on or that baby would have multiple dislocations. I think it has to be fake with the way the baby is smiling in the end. I don't think any baby would be smiling after having all of that done for so long. What scares me the most is some guy seeing it and thinking it would be funny to try that with his own baby. :
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