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  That's ridiculous.   OP, I think gun safety classes are important for everyone, whether you ever plan to own a gun or not. I also think all children should learn gun safety from a very early age.  The majority of gun owners are extremely responsible and do keep their guns locked and unloaded and the ammo locked separately.    If I were you, I'd talk to your cousin.  Explain your feelings and listen to what he has to say. At least here, you must take a class to get a...
I think that's incredibly cruel.  Yes, she might seem fine now, but you have no idea what's going on inside her.   My youngest son has a blankie.  I made it before he was born and he's had it since.  He's now 5 1/2.  He would be devastated if his blankie disappeared, understandably.  I started setting limits on it when he was younger and he's had to keep it in the house or car since he was probably 2.  Now he uses it to sleep with and brings it out with him in the...
My 5 year old is in bed by 7:30 or 8, depending on how he's doing.  He's up at 6:30.
We raise our own beef and pork and dh and I both hunt.  I grew up hunting big game, but lately dh and I have been bird hunting.  Definitely a whole new ball game!  My boys are both very excited to hunt, though they have a few more years.  I think the actual hunting might not live up to their expectations but they'll learn how to do it.    
We've always had Christmas Eve dinner at my grandma's with clam chowder, veggie trays, rolls, crackers. etc.  The last few years, we've all pitched in so my grandma doesn't have to cook.  I'm not sure what I'll be responsible for this year.   Christmas morning, we do lox and bagels.   Christmas lunch is usually at my dad's and he does ham, mashed potatoes, rolls and green beans.   Christmas dinner is at our house and we always do prime rib.  This year we're...
My boys bathe daily.  We usually skip a bath on Friday night and Saturday is bubble bath night, but otherwise they get washed and soaped every day.  We all shower after swimming in chlorine.   I really can't imagine only washing my kids in the swimming pool.  My kids have very sensitive skin as well, but a daily bath has never bothered them.
I let my kids sleep as late as they want when they can.  They have to be up by 6:30 on weekdays so weekends or days off of school, they sleep in.  They're usually still up by 7 or 7:30.   We can't always get to do what we'd want to do.  I'd love to never have to wake my sleeping kids, but that would mean that I would never see them.  Especially if I had to put them to bed even earlier.    
My 5 year old's favorite toys are his dad's old He-Man action figures.  Luckily mil kept them all.   He does like Legos, but gets frustrated with them.  Same with Lincoln Logs.  He still likes little animal figures alot (and usually talks me into making him a zoo with the Lincoln Logs and Legos).  He's always got a notebook and a pen or some colored pencils so he can draw constantly.  And anything Harry Potter. 
Keep up the crate training.  Try it when you're home so she can realize that the crate doesn't always mean you're leaving.  Feed her in there, give her treats in there, special toys that she only gets when she's in the crate, make a positive place.  She'll get it eventually.   There is doggy prozac but my vet said it does have side effects and isn't for long term.  We adopted a dog in September who has horrible separation anxiety.  After a morning of destroying my...
Well good luck then.
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