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I'd say from our experience it is definitely doable. It's probably easier with prefolds and covers but we've always done pockets so on the middle shelf of the changing table we always had bins each labeled with the child's name to show whose diapers were whose. Our kiddos have all always been in cloth too (except for occasional vacation trips). How exciting that you get to try all of the new diapering things that are out now!
Quote: Originally Posted by ParisApril My DH's side plays a similar game only better at their extended Xmas only they bring something from home that you don't use anymore or something that was gifted to you that you wont use. Cost $0. DH's family plays a white elephant gift game every Christmas Eve. We have always bought our gifts at the dollar store and they are ALWAYS the most hilarious and best remembered gifts that show up!
Quote: Originally Posted by enfpintj where do you live? We'd love to live where frugality is the norm. I'm glad there are other people who have the experience of not working too. We've been doing it 2 years and hope to do it forever. sorry you are separating. I hope your new plan comes together easily. If we ever have to earn money again in the future, it will hopefully only be part time through something we enjoy. Right now dh is...
Does anyone have experience with this happening and what did you do next? Does anyone's insurance cover the cost of diapers?
Well...I've tried other things but I NEED some XXL Fuzzi bunz so I'm bumping up because I'm still looking
Quote: Originally Posted by Juliacat I wash every other day, to prevent odors from setting in. I could easily get by on 30 diapers and 6 covers, which is more or less what I would recommend to a newbie. Any fewer than that and I would worry about running out if I got behind on laundry or if it was taking them a long time to dry on the line or if she was having an especially, um, body-fluid-oriented day. Plus I like to have some extras for the diaper bag....
I'm curious is this is a stash amount that you'd recommend to a friend or a newbie. Really? 36-60 diapers? I guess that just seems like a HUGE amount to me so I was just wanting to make sure I understood you correctly. And could I ask why you would say 6-12 covers? I've never used pf's on a newborn so do you go through quite a few covers in a day? and could I ask how often do you wash when you have this many? I love reading others experiences
Is there a way that you could post pictures of what you have? The inside and outside? We used HH's in the medium size and loved them
What about getting the colored MEOS diapers? They are not colored on the interior so you could tell which side goes on the outside. The colors are beautiful too. And of course you know that great ME value holds up for superb resale. Just a thought! Congratulations on your new arrival. Hadn't gotten a chance to say that yet
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