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... a small plastic box that holds about 6 wipes. I can either wet them ahead of time or put them in dry. I always carry a water bottle in the diaper bag for hydration so I can wet them with that as needed.
My UBCPF's were never pilly like this. I guess I'd go ahead and contact the seller now and see if they will work with you on it, but at least they'll have a heads-up as to what is happening so that they won't have a hard time working with you on it if you decided to wait. KWIM?
I have: 24 X-small ME Sandy's 8 infant prefolds 4 x-small FB's colors 5 small FB's 4 x-small rikki wraps 5 newborn proraps 5 small proraps 5 small ME snap covers I didn't use the FB's with a newborn last time so I'm looking forward to trying that.
Have you considered using tape? It isn't quite so permanent and could be removed before washing.
Thank you all for your input. I have now ordered the Land's End Do-It-All diaper bag. It appears to be big enough for holding my CD gear and all of the misc. items that I think I "need"! I appreciate your willingness to share. Thanks mamas. Kim
The one that I'm using is too small for all of my CD stuff and all of the other items that I have to tote around. Any ideas? Thanks. Kim
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