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"how about getting some toddler pfs and put all the extra up front and fold over so all the extra bulk is in the front. i dont have a boy....but a little girl with a super odd way of peeing up . i was doing the toddler pf with the bulk up front for awhile before she stopped peeing at night....sometimes i would even fold a MF in thirds and stick it right down the front of the cover too! " I sure like that idea since I have toddler pf's already but do you think I could...
I've been successfully using a premium pf trifolded in a Thirsties cover but the last few nights he's been wetting out of it. One of the key issues too is that he is day trained and immediately when he wakes up he wants to be able to remove the overnight diaper himself and put on undies. I am all in favor of his independence and want to encourage it but then of course that limits me on what I can try. kwim? can't do a fastened pf because then he can't take it off...
We liked L gdiapers w/ an infant pf tri-folded inside. I LOVED how trim it was. We could fit jeans over them easily. I wouldn't use them on a newborn bf baby. That's personal though. It might work fine but ... I like a fitted for newborns poo.
We skipped the small size on the MEAF's and also the M/L size. We wore XS, M, L,XL worked on both kiddos. One born at 7lbs and one at 9lbs. I hope that helps
YUP! MEOS in the new colors....drool worthy and wonderful
Sounds like a nice Large enviable stash to me!!
He's wet upfront anyway because of anatomy but then when he tummy sleeps it compounds the problem. We can't do wool because I'm very allergic. I'd love to hear your suggestions.
One final update for me today! My one hour of cleaning then turned into another hour of playing a "game" with the children matching up videos to their cases!! Followed by another hour to clean (or mostly finish) my kitchen. So I actually did 3 hours today of organizing/cleaning. Off to a great start here despite the unexpected medical issues last night and this morning Thanks for all the well wishes.
YAY!!! I GOT MY FIRST HOUR IN AFTER ALL!!! How did you do Applemush?? I definitely see improvement
Well...so far today I've not gotten started on this at all. I'm hoping that you're better off than I am and that your little one is feeling better today. I may have to adjust some things due to the demands of the kiddos and the overwhelming need to clean my kitchen today. It's completely out of hand. I believe my hour is going to have to be spent there. I didn't really care which zone I started with (or you) just so I work on one each day. I hope that doesn't throw you off...
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